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Are cops too quick to pull their guns?

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    Iíve watched the video a few times and canít figure out why the LEO felt he had to draw his weapon, in his defense he clearly kept his trigger finger clear of the trigger.
    This would be brandishing a weapon if anyone else pulled such a stunt.
    I think alcohol may have been involved.
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      Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
      As to cops pulling their guns on people, I've mentioned it before....there are several hundred people over the last 9 years who have had a gun pulled on them and never known it. People, even perfectly innocent people, can do things which set off every alarm bell in the book that things are about to go straight to hell. I can't tell you how many people have run up to my car with their hands in their pockets because they wanted to ask for directions or thank me for my service.....they had a 45 on them until I registered them as not a threat, at which point I put it away without them ever knowing I'd drawn in the first place. It's not being 'aggressive' it's being smart sometimes....I have actually had a crackhead so out of it that he tried to rob me in uniform, crawled in my car window at a Burger King (yes, I occasionally get a Whopper, don't judge)....that was one of the more hilarious moments in my career.
      So you don't have an issue with how this officer handled the situation? FWIW someone coming up to you with their hands in their pocket is entirely different from someone putting a pack of mentos in their pocket.
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