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Trump will get blamed for this

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    Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
    No,you wouldn't, because you cannot know how the dish is prepared, how much sugar and other ingredients might be in it, in the sauces and a host of other stuff. When you have diabetes like I do we'll talk about this more. Until then, there is no point. You haven't even walked one inch in the shoes of millions of people who for various medical reasons need to know what's in their food, let alone the proverbial mile.

    The difference is that no one forces you to read the extra information, but for those of us who need it, it's there. I'll bet you don;t support handicapped access points, either, because "you don't need them", right?
    I said it in another thread, and I repeat it here:

    many of the posts I see (and I am not implying yours MM ) simply reflect the political ideology of "if it is not about me, then I do not care." And if one cares about issues not related to him, then he is a "socialists"...

    ... unless it is about caring about how other people behave in their bedrooms, because such issues are everybody's business...
    My most dangerous mission: I landed in the middle of an enemy tank battalion and I immediately, started spraying bullets killing everybody around me having fun up until my computer froze...


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