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Terrorist attack in Toronto

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    Originally posted by pamak View Post
    You have a habit of writing long posts (which I actually like), and unfortunately, I am entering a period at work in which I will simply not have time (and desire) to spend much time here and respond in kind...I mostly agree with what you said, but I have a feeling that some posters at least in this forum will object to your claim that some terrorists simply discovered their "Muslimness" as a pretext to express their frustration of being "losers." Anyway, I will let others continue this interesting (to me at least) conversation...Perhaps I can contribute something substantial after a month or so...
    Generally agree with this with reference to any religious-based terrorists. You could say that there are a couple of types:

    1) The ones that are fundamentalists and radicals of their religion, and do it in the name and belief of their religion. Islam has the current biggest problem with these groups, and there are arguments that Muslims are not on the whole active enough in condemning these groups and refuting their claimed orthodoxy. But in the past there have been serious issues in other religions, such as Christianity (The Troubles in Ireland come to mind immediately among others), and whatever the Boxers were in China (too busy to do the research on their specific religion, sorry).

    2) Those who would do evil anyway, and use a religious belief as a convenient excuse or cover. Lot of these around of all stripes, some more dangerous than others. On the less deadly end of the scale this also includes your Catholic Church pederasty nightmare, and the current grooming gang problem in the UK.
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