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Kanye West loves the way Candace Owens thinks

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  • Originally posted by Cult Icon View Post
    why is a mentally ill/idiot/attention getting celebrities' opinion relevant?
    It isn't.

    It was not even noticed until all the Left-wing reaction became an uproar and a very teachable moment when it comes to the Left Wing's visceral hatred Free Speech when it contradicts them.
    And trying to shift and spin and re-brand it is just stupid.
    Its already over.
    "Why is the Rum gone?"

    -Captain Jack


    • I know I know, people like MountainMan will be annoyed by this, but I think it's HUGE.

      Trump met with Kim Kardashian today to discuss prison reform.

      Trump is right in the middle of the youth/African-American culture with this. He's literally eating away at the liberal-children farm that's existed for decades.
      Kim Kardashian West arrived at the White House Wednesday afternoon, where she is reportedly expected to discuss prison reform and the possible pardon for a great-grandmother who is serving a drug-related life prison sentence.
      "It is a fine fox chase, my boys"

      "It is well that war is so terrible-we would grow too fond of it"


      • Originally posted by American87 View Post

        Trump is right in the middle of the youth/African-American culture with this.
        You're so out of touch.
        "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
        - Benjamin Franklin

        The new right wing: hate Muslims, preaches tolerance for Nazis.


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