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Trump administration sues California over federal land sales

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    Originally posted by phil74501 View Post
    Raise taxes to come up with the amount, or cut state spending elsewhere to come up with it, or a combination of the two.
    This is where i am going. I sense that the republican solution in IL for paying the teachers' unfunded liabilities is to cut the expenses of the state which will ce certainly affect the salaries and benefits negotiateed for current teachers. i doubt that the republican platform is to raise taxes to pay the teachers unions. In other words, from the teachers' perspective such a republican approach is a situation of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The end result will be to have a generation of current teachers with deeply depressed salaries and benefits in order to pay the previous generations. This is why i sense that the teachers do not seem to have a problem with the"betrayal" of the Democrats who tried to cut the pensions. I also sense that the younger you are in the teacher unions the more inclined you are to see the previous generation absorb some cost instead of having politicians force you to foot the bill of unfunded liabilities
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      Originally posted by craven View Post
      Think this will make for an interesting Con law case.

      I can see the rights of the Government to sell land but once it gives up ownership do the states have a say in how public land is used.
      Well, I read the link and the problem seems to be that the State (in this case California) is dictating to the Federal Government to whom Federal, not state, land is to sold (or in this case, not sold). States have never had that right going back to Articles of Confederation, therefore look for California's laws to be overturned by the courts. Even if the state purchases the land from the Feds, the Feds have the right to dictate restrictions of the purchase. This is a bit of a thing going on with Fort Wayne in Detroit. The City was given the land, but with restrictions on what they can do with it. For example its historicity must be kept (i.e. can't turn into a bunch of expensive river front condos). It is what is saving the Fort. Thank goodness.



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        I have heard San Diego is suing that state of California. Go for them it seems that what happended in Pennsylvania and Michigan is coming to California.


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