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Heritage Foundation: 64% of Trump's agenda already done, faster than Reagan

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    ^Well here's another to consider, part of the insight and Sun Tzu applied;
    Relativistic America: Neither Safe Nor Free
    That’s the society created by gun-control liberalism.

    The Florida mass shooting, which even a minimally competent state could have prevented, is a window on a relativistic America that is neither safe nor free. For decades, gun-control liberals, who corrupted civil society and called it “progress,” have proposed more government and less morality. But all that produces is an out-of-control society in which responsibility lessens everywhere. It has given us broken homes, broken schools, and broken government.

    All of the hasty gun-control proposals under discussion amount to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. If a country’s culture is sick, it doesn’t matter what legislation passes. The people won’t follow the law and a corrupt and incompetent government won’t enforce it.

    A discussion that is presented as a trade-off between security and liberty isn’t. It is just one more step toward a future without either. The least emotionally satisfying “fix” to the problem of gun violence — because it sounds so abstract and musty, and because it would require uprooting the moral relativism of the last fifty years or so — is the only real one: restoring civil society. As it disintegrated, America went from fewer laws and less violence to more laws and more violence.

    Relativism and totalitarianism, which combine to form much of the thrust of modern politics, reinforce each other. Decades of moral relativism have sapped civil society, causing a spike in terror and disorder. Aspiring totalitarians then point to those horrors and call for bigger and bigger government. Gun-control liberalism rests on that reinforcing paradox — the permissive society giving birth to the Leviathan.

    In that vision lies the realization of the founding fathers’ worst fears. They didn’t want less morality and more government but more morality and less government — the Ten Commandments, not ten new gun laws after every shooting. They wanted civil society to thrive and big government to wither. They wanted laws but not such a thicket of them that adults were reduced to children and the civilized to criminals. They understood that freedom is inseparable from the “good of man,” and thus any law that truly serves it must take legitimate freedoms into account. They made a distinction between liberty and license, but never placed gun ownership in the latter category. They would have seen the breaking of existing laws not as a legislative problem but a cultural one, and would have asked why civil society had stopped teaching young people to obey them.

    What’s most troubling in all the babbling from pols after a tragedy is that they see nothing tragic in the loss of legitimate freedom that their response necessarily entails. But it is tragic — a deeply tragic concession that America is not, nor do they even want it to be, a limited government backed up by a healthy civil society. They sound less like politicians than prison wardens, whose job it is to cast an occasional glace at a soulless but “safe” citizenry. The “protection” which they offer is the protection of a prison-state, not unlike “crime-free” Havana’s.

    Yes, you can eliminate crime by treating everyone like a criminal, and many a tyrant has solved the problem that way. But from the perspective of the true human good, that is no “solution” at all. That just eliminates one evil by creating a new and worse one. Absolute safety from random crime, even if one were to assume an overweening state is competent enough and dutiful enough to guarantee such a good (an absurd assumption, as the government’s response to the Florida shooting reminded everyone), isn’t worth a tyranny.


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      And, that's the crux of the issue. American society has become far less civil. That is a result of moving to the Left. Now, I know the more Progressive here will poo poo that statement, but it's true. Look at any Leftist state. None of them are particularly civil. Those that don't have outright unrest and near civil war, like say Venezuela, are onerous police states with huge black markets and a serious criminal element bent on getting around the government.
      Even if the police state manages to reduce murder to a minimum, it can do little against more petty crime that ends up abounding. Once corruption sets in with the authorities, they become a criminal element in themselves.


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        Originally posted by Massena View Post
        Nothing like hyperbole...

        Just to answer your somewhat nonsensical statement, if the US would fall, Trump would have succeeded.

        Of course, the US will survive Trump just as the nation has survived every other disaster.
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          Originally posted by Hida Akechi View Post

          I'm sure the participation award posters will claim some sort of tripe about this not being a good thing, or make up some lie about how Trump is actually pushing a liberal agenda. They are the odd lot, aren't they?
          Lol... you are spot on!
          Islam... it's a blast - literally.


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