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Leftist leads in Mexican presidential race.

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  • Leftist leads in Mexican presidential race.

    We better get that wall built fast. If Venezuela is any indication, Mexico is going to be even less inhabitable in the near future.

    Mexican leftist extends lead in presidential race, poll shows
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    Mexico has long had a socialist streak and Leftist governments. PRI (the Institutionalized Revolutionary Party-- in English) ran Mexico for most of the 20th Century.

    But, given that about a third of Mexico, mostly in the rural South, is in open revolt against the government, that cartels run big parts of Central Mexico, and gringos aren't going to like the Northern part messed with too much, I think Mexico has bigger issues to deal with.

    That's why we need a wall.

    Last time Mexico had really serious issues, we dug trenches and built temporary forts on the border and had the Army man them:


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      Mexico opened up to foreign investment in its oil resources and this happened...

      Companies other than Pemex have leased up Mexican acreage as fast as Pemex released it... Clearly a situation socialists can't cope with.
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