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Pay by the Mile, Not by the Gallon

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    Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
    It makes perfect sense to politicians and bureaucrats. It gives them more control, more budget, more people they're "managing," and they can claim it's for "The people" and that they're helping "The poor."
    Well, there's that aspect, but from a more "Occam's Razor" point of view, the likeliest explanation is that the powers-that-be need a new pretext for doling out pork to their friend$. Granting contracts for new toll plazas and "EZ Pass" detectors and computerized billing systems can rake in millions and millions, for those who are in the know.

    When viewed like that, taxing gasoline at the wholesale level is probably the most effective and efficient means of collecting revenue for highways. Then do the same on electric meters: a surcharge to cover electric cars. And public charging stations should be like coin-operated air pumps, too. Keeps the taxes exactly where they belong: on the users.
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      "Paying by the mile" means getting screwed multiple times on each and every trip:

      1. the high price of gas to begin with.
      2. the high fuel taxes levied by state and Federal which have not been used to fix the roads in the first place.
      3. "pay by the mile".

      We live in a spread out society. Wait until a city dweller finds out how far his fruits and veggies have to be trucked in to a place like NYC and how much he will have to pay to offset the trucking cost.

      The solution is lighter trucks and BETTER ROADS, especially better roads. Semis carry 80,000 pounds of cargo per trip, and the roads can't handle it.
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        I have had an EZ Tag for several years. About a year ago I changed my registration and car License Plate to Texas and it seems to have broken down the system. These people would automatically debit my bank account when the balance got under a certain amount. I was hardly using the EZ Tag at all any more and I got a message at my PO Box in Louisiana that I had to contact them. For once I was able to get someone to pick up the phone and I gave them my new information. I was doing fine until he asked for my new License Plate number and I did not have it to hand. That is pretty much where the call ended and I am still not in their system correctly. It seems the automatic gates take a picture of the car's license plate and compares it to the plate on file!

        It has been easier ever since to avoid the toll roads...

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          Originally posted by Bwaha View Post
          Include bicyclists in that tax farm. They use the roads as well...
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