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  • MeToo

    There are many aspects of the MeToo campaign I support. As the father of two girls I want them to live in a world where they do not feel sexually threatened anywhere, the workplace included.
    There are a few aspects that do bother me;
    1) The conflating of serious sexual assault and any sort of sexual advance or contact. Matt Damon was attacked for pointing out the glaringly obvious fact that a pat on the ass is not the same as rape. When you cannot speak the truth, or speak at all if you are not a women,, then the myopic self-righteous have taken over the asylum.
    2) The rich and powerful A-list female actors who knew what was happening, had gone through the same thing themselves , but remained silent in order to protect their careers thus condemning many other vulnerable women to the same abuse. Why is it that priests who remained silent when they knew about sexual abuse are vilified but multi-millionaire women who are not subject to a vow of obedience and poverty get a free pass when they say nothing (or take large payments for saying nothing).
    3) If the real aim of the campaign was really to protect women who were truly vulnerable then they would be talking about low wage earners with casual or nonexistent contracts who were working for tips in restaurants or domestic staff with questionable emigration status. It strikes me that someone "having to put up with it" to earn their next million is not as vulnerable as someone "having to put up with it" to pay the rent, feed their kids or avoid deportation.
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    Too right mate. My wife, who spent almost thirty years in upper-management retail has told me of numerous occasions where male colleagues, supervisors and management engaged in boorish, sexually implicit or explicit behavior and she, being the professional she was, handled their advances with aplomb, maturity and humor. Apart from actual rape she further believes that, in most circumstances, the women who feel mistreated sexually in the workplace and have only now brought it forward after many years have only themselves to blame for looking at their experiences as a 'career builder' and not nipping it in the bud.
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      There was a short report on German TV yesterday. My wife shook her head and thought when a person cannot touch another on the shoulder with out some one calling it sexual harassment was seriously laughable
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        At the core of it is the ability of people to abuse their power. Unfortunately, it's a very common trait(shared by all of human kind, though not equally). What is even more unfortunate is that people are not always willing to call it out if they have a stake to lose.

        There's a lot of judgement from a lot of establishment members who only came out to do so when they could score points doing so. Not many refused to work with Weinstein before he became a pariah...
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          Women are not the only victims of sexual harassment, men have been victims as well. Where are the stories? Some men are quietly holding their tongue. Why is that so?


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