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DOJ scolds Obama administration over reported groping, harassment, office sex

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  • DOJ scolds Obama administration over reported groping, harassment, office sex

    This swamp needs to be drained:

    The Justice Department scolded the Obama administration on Wednesday following a report on how sexual harassment of all kinds was improperly handled at the department for years.

    The Washington Post reported that the DOJ’s inspector general had found “systemic” problems with how complaints were addressed, with offending officials often being let off the hook or even rewarded. The article cited investigative reports on a lawyer who allegedly groped two female attorneys and a top U.S. Marshals official who had sex with “approximately” nine women in his office.

    From the Washington Post, the FBI's take on this:

    The FBI has taken strong disciplinary action against some officials investigated for sexual harassment and misconduct by the IG.

    In one case, an assistant special agent in charge was accused of asking female employees if they “wanted to see his balls,” and asked one, “are you looking at my balls?” when she was in his office, which included a collection of baseballs. He also touched female employees in ways that made them feel uncomfortable and allegedly made sexual innuendos while talking to female employees, telling one employee she had a “nice hard body” and telling another that he and his wife called certain footwear like the woman was wearing “come f--- me boots,” according to an investigative report.

    The FBI official, whose name was redacted from the IG report and could not be learned, denied most of the allegations. But investigators concluded he engaged in multiple instances of inappropriate touching, sexual harassment and inappropriate comments of a sexual nature with several female FBI employees. He was demoted, transferred to a different division and subsequently fired by the FBI.

    Another FBI official sexually harassed his female subordinates for about three years, according to the letter Horowitz wrote to Rosenstein in May. During that time, the official, whose name could not be learned, was counseled four times and even signed a pledge to refrain from the conduct.

    “All to no effect,” Horowitz wrote.

    A bureau spokesman said the FBI was moving to fire the official, but he resigned before the disciplinary measure could be carried out.
    "I don't discuss sitting presidents," Mattis tells NPR in an interview. "I believe that you owe a period of quiet."

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