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China bans foreign waste – but what will happen to the world’s recycling?

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    Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
    No, because then people will stop recycling and just put everything in the regular trash.

    The trash companies should be the ones either sorting the stuff themselves and selling it to specific recyclers, or sending it so recyclers to be sorted and re-used. It's not the job of a citizen to pay to sort his own garbage so that someone else can profit from it.
    And, because of that and the fact that government recycling programs aren't paying their way, I don't bother to do it. I will sell scrap metal myself to a recycling yard. Same with electronics to a recycler. The rest is all garbage and equal to me.


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      Originally posted by SRV Ron View Post
      Except for the winter, three separate trucks run the route. One collects yard waste to compost. One collects the recycle which can now be placed in one bin of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, cans. The rest is trash with a size limit of 33 gallons for the can and 50 pounds on the content. Bulky items are tagged and picked up separate.
      Correct. It seems to work very well. My wife and I usually only have one of the white kitchen bags for the regular trash each week. The rest is recycled and I have a mulching mower for the grass and the leaves in the fall.


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        Another aspect of this action,
        One of the few commodities we export to China is recycled plastics and paper,
        It helps the freight industry show a profit and at least one market commentator mentioned the ships use bales of this stuff as ballast for return trips to China.
        Subsidizing the cost of fuel.
        Watch for shipping cost to rise.
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