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Congressional Midterms

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    It's far too soon to start waving polls, particularly given their recent failures.

    I also don't think special elections are a good yardstick because they are frequently born of controversy.

    If jobs keep popping up the stock market climbs, and a tax cut is created the Dems will have to come up with a very dynamic plan that 'we hate Trump and America' as a platform.

    Never say never, but the election is a long way off and the DNC doesn't look like it is really absorbing the lessons of 2016.
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      It all depends on who the Democrats put up against Republican seats and who Republicans put up against Democrats seats. It also depends on the makeup of those that vote in each election.
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        I expect Trump to get more votes from the LGBTQ community in 2020. This article below was from shortly after his win in 2016.

        Meet the LGBTQ Voters Who Backed Trump


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