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Are Establishment Republicans Really Democrats?

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    Originally posted by pamak View Post
    They had some authority but the were also at the disposal of the public legislation. Recall for example, the Athenian decision to execute some of the generals after the VICTORIOUS naval battle of Arginusae
    The Athenian "assembly" (the citizens assembled for government affairs) had the power to appoint and recall generals. Back to the point about the caprice of democracy, they also had the power to banish, to "ostracize" -- as they did Themistocles, even though he broke the Persian invasion at Salamis. Guess the strategos' opponents were able to manipulate the assembly awfully well.

    Originally posted by pamak View Post
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    Originally posted by pamak View Post
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      Originally posted by slick_miester View Post
      Now that I think about it, the isolationist wing of the Republican Party was crushed by Pearl Harbor, and never really recovered. Taft was one of their last leaders of any note. He would have been an intellectual giant in any crowd, but with the post-WW2 isolationists, he was definitely light years above the rest.

      Goldwater not only hearkened back to the isolationists, but he injected new life into the libertarian movement that it hadn't enjoyed since the 1920s. Thinkers like William F Buckley and later PJ O'Rourke breathed new life into a species of political thought that had been left for dead, bereft of intellectual heft. But guys like Buckley appealed to an East Coast intellectual elite: it was Barry Goldwater who brought the libertarian message to Main Street. Indeed, one of the more popular publications on these forums, the Washington Times, hailed Barry Goldwater "the Father of American Conservatism."
      One should not confound isolationism, conservatism, libertarianism :a lot of neocons are interventionists


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        The main difference between Taft and Goldwater was on domestic issues :

        Taft accepted the New Deal reforms , Goldwater not .

        On foreign affairs the difference was minor :Taft was an unilateralist , not an isolationist, he was suspicious about alliances with other countries .Goldwater was as interventionist as Johnson .


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          "Establishment Republicans" are worse than mere RINOS...they are political backstabbers willing to do anything to advance themselves...other than actually work, of course.
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            Originally posted by American87 View Post
            -8 of the 10 least popular senators are Republicans

            -The only senator less popular than Mitch McConnell is Bob Menendez, who is being tried for corruption

            -Susan Collins, the Maine senator who voted against the Obamacare repeal, has dropped from 32% to -2% among Republicans

            So are establishment Republicans losing it? Are they just undeclared Democrats, or are they an endangered species?


            I do not think that I am exagerating when I say that Ronald Reagan would be considered too liberal these days. With that being said, if you somehow think that agreeing with the Donald makes you a Republican you are deluded. The Donald is a an egomaniacal political opportunist that was a Democrat most of his life and a close friend of the Clintons; he is not a Republican much less a conservative. The Donald is, if anything, a fascist; keep in mind that Mussolini himself stated that Fascism should actually be called "Corporatism."

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