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Predictions from the Left about President Trumps first year...

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    He wanted slaves in his tree and he ended up acting like one. Such a little pathetic man.

    Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
    He isn't bowing, he is leaning forward so the medal can be placed around his neck. That is how such medals are awarded unless the presenter is significantly taller than the awardee.

    Bobo is the only POTUS in history to bow to a monarch; he did so to the Saudi king and the Japanese emperor.

    You don't understand the significance this has to Americans...
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      Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post
      A good one right at the start -

      Well, how about that?

      Turns out the whole rest of the world isn't as consumed with the same irrational Hatred of Trump that all American Leftists are.
      Go figure.

      BTW- what about all those "celebrities" that promised to move to Canada if Trump won... did a single one of them even make the trip?

      Yeah, didn't think so.
      Twenty six Americans, and no celebrities have moved to Canada since Trump won. Even the Canadians wouldn't go back to Canada.

      In the meantime, guess how many Canadians moved to the USA?
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        Here's the problem with those having severe TDS...

        But, this is how they see themselves...

        Yes they certainly are...


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          Originally posted by Mystikeye View Post
          A few of the predictions presented here that were dire if they were accurate. I didn't vote for Trump or for Hillary either for that matter but our economy is moving now at 3% which a lot better than the previous 9 or 10 years.

          Well it stands to reason that since Trump so far didn't do what he promised to do during the campaign, the predictions about what would happen if he did what he promised would be a bit off.

          During his campaign he was a rambling madmen with all sorts of crazy ideas, now he's just an idiot on Twitter, his actions, what few there are, are mostly indistinguishable from those of any other US president really, just a bit clumsy
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