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  • Originally posted by pamak View Post
    California STILL uses controlled fire.

    This is from one 2 years ago which became uncontrolled ...

    Now, there are some complications with this approach.

    This type of forest management is VERY expensive. This is why I often ask people if they are wiling to support increase of state taxes. Of course, the general response is that there is no such need because there is a financial mismanagement now which if it is fixed it will be enough to cover whatever increased cost associated with the matter under discussion (in this case forest management). This is a nice way for some people to talk on the cheap without giving any evidence about their beliefs and without actually being eager to back up their words with actions. Notice, by the way, that the mismanagement argument exists only in carefully selected fields. Nobody tries to argue that we can cut military expenses without reducing our military effectiveness by addressing the mismanagement in the Pentagon.
    The truth is that there is, and will always be, mismanagement in EVERY field and NO complex system can achieve 100% effectiveness. . So, just invoking mismanagement's existence does not show that you can do things on the cheap. Now, if people show excessive mismanagement, then there can be grounds for taking their argument seriously. But just talking in vague terms about mismanagement is not convincing.
    actually prescribed fire is cheaper than mechanically treating fuel.

    For example in WA state 2.7 million acres need to be treated and where treatments cost anywhere from 1k to 2k dollars and acre you can see how the bill racks up.


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