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Trump’s underdog, bold American iconoclast paradigm appears to have run its course

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  • Trump’s underdog, bold American iconoclast paradigm appears to have run its course

    Trump’s underdog, bold American iconoclast paradigm appears to have run its course.

    Is he starting to wear very thin after just seven months?
    If this handling of the Charlottesville tragedy is an example of the true character of the man then he and his nation are in real trouble.

    A short commentary in my local Tasmanian Sunday paper today sums up this Trump issue very nicely I think.
    A few highlights from the article should suffice to illustrate the glaring failings of the POTUS in this case.

    Nazis good or bad?
    It’s not a difficult question

    But it’s one that has stumped the leader of the Free World, the nation whose ultimate intervention in World War II was pivotal in crushing Nazism, as he ruminates to the goodness, badness or otherwise of a bunch of white supremacists, proudly wearing swastikas and doing Hitler salutes.”

    “Trump is both seriously ignorant and highly unlikeable and has confirmed as much this week with his shocking dissembling over what should be described pure and simple as an act of domestic terror and act of murder.

    It has been pitiable observing this casino owner and reality TV show host trying to kick start the few cogs he has in his brain as he attempts to address the straight-forward question as to the wrongness as to the wrongness of Nazism”

    Trump has had three tries and his last observation that the whole Charlottesville thing was kinda complicated with “some very fine people on both sides” just made things worse.

    “There is a hairy-chested view amongst the more vocal conservative commentators that all this is simply a case being a bold iconoclast, sticking it to the biased liberal media and all those nancy-boy PC types in refusing to tow the orthodox line.

    It’s rubbish and it’s dangerous rubbish.
    What Trump is doing is broadening the parameters of what constitutes acceptable political discourse and conduct, inviting in the very people his own nation fought with great and noble sacrifice.

    He does this because he has no sense of history and no concept of implication. He is mentally ill-equipped to think back or beyond a 140-character barrage on twitter, or a deft one-liner at some journo he can’t stand from CNN or the New York Times.”

    It is easy to understand the initial appeal of Trump against the entitled and abrasive Hilary Clinton, and in the wake of so many double-talking machine politicians who appeared to be in it simply for the money.

    All that was swept away last week as he exposed himself as irretrievably bereft of taste, sense or judgement by giving cover to a group of psychos whom normal people abhor.”
    Bannon gone back to his Breitbart cesspool, Business Advisory Council resigning (okay, okay ‘dissolved’ by Trump if you like), Kennedy Center Honors attendance cancelled to avoid boycotts, mass anti-hate (ie anti-Trump) marches, GOP leaders desparte to distance themselves.

    Good grief this guy will probably never stabilize or legitimize his presidency it this is how it’s gonna be


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    You have misread what's going on in America, just as the MSM and Progressives have. Since the MSM these days are about 80%+ Democrats politically, newsrooms have a near monolithic view of US politics and that is slanted heavily to the Left.
    The Democrat part likewise has lurched further Left. Thomas Perez, the new head of the DNC is a solidly Leftist Progressive nut goober. He's a leading advocate of things like Disparate Impact Theory and other Leftist insanity from the "soft" liberal arts which today have become a breeding ground for fuzzy, emotional, and shallow thinking.

    Anyway, the above have traction only in the large, dense urban areas on the two coasts and Chicago, along with university towns and cities. Outside these areas their ideas are essentially foreign to Americans. Hence, why the Democrats have lost Congress. The Republicans have become the only choice in town for most of geographic America. A Progressive Democrat trying to sell big government to people in rural areas won't fly. All this sort of American sees is government intruding unnecessarily into their lives and forcing them to do stuff, and spend money, they don't have.

    You write this:

    He does this because he has no sense of history and no concept of implication. He is mentally ill-equipped to think back or beyond a 140-character barrage on twitter, or a deft one-liner at some journo he can’t stand from CNN or the New York Times.”
    This is backwards. The Left has no sense of history or concept of implication. They are the mentally ill-equipped to think beyond twitter and it's journalists at CNN and the New York Times that can't stand Trump.

    Ever watch the movie Beetlejuice? The family from New York and their friends in that New England small town setting look like Aliens from another world. That's the sort of person working at CNN, or living in say New York City or San Francisco in a high rise apartment or condo who doesn't own a car and uses a cab or public transit to go everywhere. The sort that likes to bike ride on weekends.
    They have zero connection to rural America, and almost none to suburban America. They might as well be living on another planet. Yet, this same sort are the ones that pump out the MSM news and haven't got a clue why their anointed, just like them, candidate the Hildabeast, lost the election.

    The appeal of Trump to suburban and rural America is and was he isn't a snooty, Progressive, that understands literally ZERO about them... and worse doesn't want to. Progressives like Hillary want to make all of America like their America...

    That's one where the average person is a renter living in a high rise in a dense urban environment, doesn't own a car, eats out regularly, doesn't have kids, has a college degree and some job where they don't produce anything tangible, and enjoys the occasional foray into nature but a nature that's been thoroughly tamed and manicured like Central Park or the Presidio.

    Progressives just don't get rural America. Rural America gets Progressives but wants them to leave them the hell alone, something those Progressives just won't do. Hence, you get Trump and Republicans running Congress. And, if they don't deliver expect their replacements to shift even further Right much to the hair-on-fire panic of Progressives.


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      You seem to be trolling for a hot topic, Lode'.

      Trump isn't "wearing thin", but all of the negative, derogatory and demeaning comments about him most certainly are.
      Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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        Could be said he was always "thin", not that much diversity of development in his messages — but then that's part of his attraction.

        What seems more obvious is that one of the scenarios for his admin is likely coming true — when the pressure piles on like this, the circle around him is fairly new, hastily cobbled together, and don't quite know each other yet, and now it starts to shrink, fast. And considering who he is and where he's coming from, it couldn't really be different. But the ones that increasingly look like keepers, since that's where he was expected to turn when the waters got choppy, is his family. They're still there, and he's becoming more reliant on them than ever.

        And besides family, for some reason, it seems to be some pretty stern military men who get to stay. Possibly because they can handle the heat, and at some level Trump has a level of actual respect for them?


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          This tripe is annoying, Trump handled Charlottesville just fine. The next generation is going to laugh at the people pushing the cultural Marxist agenda and the people tearing down statues will be held in as high of regard as their fellow cultists the Taliban.
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