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Proof of voter fraud.

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    Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
    Probably not, and probably mostly because of Democrat resistance. That seems to be the norm. But, it does show that a relatively recent election was fraudulent, contrary to the hue and cry from Democrats and the Left that "There's no evidence of election fraud!"

    As usual, they're wrong on all counts.
    I think you didn't get my meaning. I'd bet my weeks pay that there have been huge changes in voter registry and counting since that article. I don't consider 19 years ago to be all that "recent" in the current age of technology.

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      The point I'm making is there's plenty of evidence of voter fraud, and those claiming there is none or its so insignificant as to be irrelevant are full of it. It is a problem.

      I really worry that soon we'll all have to vote by mail in ballot, or worse, on-line. The government will tell us it's to save money and make elections cheaper while providing secure elections. The reality will be because the process is far less transparent there will be greater chances of fraud going on.


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        Originally posted by Persephone View Post
        This is what bothers me most, the fact that Democrats don't want anyone digging around. What scares me most is knowing the Democrats are all lock-step together in resisting any investigation. They've gone so far as to file lawsuits to delay or stop sharing voter information with Trump's commission looking into election fraud.

        If voter fraud is so rare, you’d think the Democrats would be more than happy to prove voter rolls only contain living American citizens above the age of 18. They could easily put this longstanding debate over voter fraud to rest, and use the findings of no fraud to rub in the faces of Republicans.

        I still clearly remember last Nov's election. I remember before election day, Trump had a very slim path to 270 and needed the swing states of Nevada, Colorado, and New Hampshire...3 states that Hillary won. If Trump hadn't won in the states that Hillary assumed were in the bag and never campaigned in, she would be president now. So why did she win handily in those 3 swing states but lose states that were supposed to be in the bag? My guess is they cheated in the wrong places. My prediction is they won't make that mistake again.
        Considering that Persephone mentioned New Hampshire, I am surprised that this matter has not been mentioned here yet:

        If voter fraud by out-of-state Democrats managed to sway New Hampshire elections the implications are huge

        By John Fund
        Published September 08, 2017
        Fox News

        Did voter fraud in New Hampshire save ObamaCare from being repealed?

        The Presidential Commission on Election Integrity is meeting Tuesday in New Hampshire and may eventually provide an answer.

        A debate is raging in the state, home of the first presidential primary, about whether state election laws were violated last November by out-of-state Democrats who entered New Hampshire and took advantage of the same-day voter registration law to falsely claim they were New Hampshire residents.

        The election featured a photo-finish race for president – Hillary Clinton won by 2,467 votes – and in the race for the U.S. Senate. Democrat Maggie Hassan narrowly defeated incumbent GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte by only 1,017 votes.

        Since all of New Hampshire’s neighboring states are Democratic, it’s likely that if any of their residents crossed into New Hampshire to use the same-day voter registration law to cast ballots most of these people voted Democratic. That could have wound up costing Ayotte and possibly Trump a victory in New Hampshire.

        Should that have happened, the implications are huge. Trump won the Electoral College comfortably, but he could easily have been in a position where the Granite State’s four electoral votes would have determined the outcome of the presidential race.

        As for Ayotte, Republicans in the Senate failed to pass a “repeal and replace” bill for ObamaCare by only a single vote. If Ayotte had been in the Senate, she would have provided that missing vote and ObamaCare would have been repealed. Lawmakers would now be in the middle of a rousing debate over how to replace ObamaCare.

        In the 15 states that have same-day voter registration, the vast majority of voters who use the law are recent arrivals who’ve moved from other states. But apparently not in New Hampshire.

        The vast majority of the 6,240 voters in New Hampshire who registered on the same day they cast ballots – 70 percent – used out-of-state identification to prove their identities, according to the Public Interest Legal Foundation. That’s something that people who have just moved into the state can do, prior to obtaining New Hampshire ID.

        Some of the out-of-state ID holders were no doubt college students using ID from their home states, even though state law requires they get a New Hampshire ID within 30 days of moving into the state to be considered a true resident.

        But only about 7 percent of those same-day registrants went on to obtain New Hampshire driver’s licenses and only 3 percent have since registered vehicles in New Hampshire – a state with very little public transportation. This raises serious questions about whether many of the people who took advantage of same-day registration to vote were out-of-state residents voting improperly in the Granite State.


        EDIT - Other sources making similar reports:
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          Right-wing media's new voter fraud "proof" is even more asinine than usual

          Right-wing and fringe media outlets and figures, including Kris Kobach, vice chairman of the Trump administration’s election integrity commission, are citing a Washington Times article about several thousand New Hampshire voters using out-of-state driver’s licenses to register to vote to bolster conservative claims of fraud and say that Republicans may have actually won the state. But journalists and election experts shot down these claims of voter fraud and explained that New Hampshire’s voter ID law permits out-of-state driver’s licenses to be used as proof of identity when voting, an option that college students often exercise.
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            Hundreds of Illegal Voters Revealed in Philadelphia

            According to a Philadelphia elections official, hundreds of individuals who are not U.S. citizens have registered to vote in Philadelphia and nearly half of them voted in past elections. Since 2006, 317 registered voters have contacted the City Commissioners, which oversees Philadelphia elections, asking that their registrations be canceled because they are not citizens.
   reported that many of them registered while either applying for or renewing their driver’s licenses. All applicants were offered the option to register to vote even after providing documentation to DMV officials that although they were in the country legally, they were not citizens.
            Al Schmidt, the lone Republican on the Philadelphia election commission, said that all 317 registrations have been canceled and he has been speaking with the Pennsylvania Department of State about the problem.
            “For the majority of these people, it’s completely plausible to believe they thought they were eligible to vote,” Schmidt claimed, despite the fact that voter registration applications require an applicant to answer a citizenship question and to swear under oath that he is a U.S. citizen.

            Several years ago here in Washington State we had a governor's election which after two recounts was settled by less than 200 votes.

            Of course there remain some loons whom claim voter fraud is not a major issue.
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              You guys should check this out...

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