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Trump dumps the Paris Treaty!

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  • Originally posted by Cambronnne View Post
    I didn't say we lost freedoms, but rather that the trend is towards the loss of freedoms.

    That said, I think that the EPA's efforts to control private land use (not industrial) or the IRS suppression of conservative speech are examples of what I am talking about.

    The SJWs on the left currently believe that what they think is hate speech is not protected by the Constitution. Not only are they wrong, but they seem to think that they can veto speech they don't like.
    I see the authorities supporting this trend in California. (See Berkely)
    And see Portland's efforts to prohibit a conservative rally.

    I have less fear of anything Trump can do because the entire apparatus of government is opposed to him. Obama had the support of every arm of government and they would happily do as he wished and then hide it (See the IRS)
    Even Trump's doing objectively right things is going to be a fight because the bureaucracy doesn't like change.
    And have to spread more rep ...

    The USA Constituion was written to reflect the ideals and concepts expressed in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence, and prevent the abuses listed there after.

    Hence the Constitution is a contract intended not to empower Central Government, but to RESTRAIN Central Government. Since the Keepers of the Constitution are "we the people", not the elected and appointed emplyees of government ~ "guv'mint workers" it was written in a manner meant to be undertandable and usable by the educated and informed citizenry it is meant to serve.

    It was not meant to address all the future petty concerns or issues, that is what laws from the Legislative are meant to do. The Constitution is structural outline of process, where if significant adjustment is needed to reflect changes after its implementation, there is the Amendment process to provide any "fine tuning" that may be needed.

    BTW, this seems to be getting away from the OP and maybe should be in another thread.


    • Originally posted by Johan Banér View Post
      Not American. Not a primary interest. Certainly not going to enter that peculiar US "glass beads" game. (There are pol sci specialists who do that for a living this side of the Atlantic, but I don't aspire in that field.)
      So you don't know anything about what you are commenting on and don't intend to. Basically invalidates most of what you are posting on this topic.


      • Originally posted by Massena View Post
        What freedoms have we lost?

        You might want to examine Trump's neglect of the Constitution, as he is proving himself to be a tyrant wannabe as well as a robber baron.
        We just saw and got rid of eight years of that in a far worse and more destructive display.

        BHO spent the bulk of his lifetime living off of redistributed ("stolen") wealth of others, hence he far more a "Wealth Taker" than a "wealth Maker". In fact, like many whom make a career of government work/employment he displayed a cluelessness about the difference between money and wealth and how wealth is created. Combine with his elitist attitude, he better fits the definition of "robber baron" ~ elitist "royalty" stealing from producers.

        BHO was also a more effective display of "tyrant wannabe" in his circumvention of the Legislative branch and trying to make laws and change via Executive Orders, "I have a pen and a phone."

        Collectively, his term did far more trampling and neglect of the Constitution than Trump has, or is likely to do. BHO had the complicity of many guv'mint agencies, Depts. and their employees colluding with him.

        If there was any mis-cue or failure on the part of our Founders in framing the Constitution it was the underappreciation of how much the Executive would grow in scale and scope of power that sidesteps the safeguards of the Constitution.


        • Originally posted by Snowygerry View Post
          I fear there is.

          At one point, now sooner rather then later, you will have to choose between being a citizen of the largest, most powerful nation state in the world, or your "rights" and freedoms as an individual.

          Socialism vs. Liberalism.

          The "truth" -
          as always - will be somewhere in between most likely.

          Socialism vs. Liberty (or Libertarianism?)

          "Liberalism" as it has evolved over here is synonomous with Socialism. Our "liberals" are largely of the Democratic Party pursuation and socialism is a major aspect of their platform; basically taking from the Wealth producers and giving to the non-producers.

          Liberty leans towards Free Enterprise and one keeps the product of their labor, proportional to how much they do and are effective at it.

          Liberty seeks to constrain government in powers, impact upon lives and livelyhood, and wealth "re-distribution".

          Socialism seeks to grow guv'mint in power and control of lives and redistribute from the producers to those with a hand-out (votes to be bought).


          • Originally posted by G David Bock View Post
            So you don't know anything about what you are commenting on and don't intend to. Basically invalidates most of what you are posting on this topic.
            Haven't made any claim of specific insights. AND if even some of it turns out to at least spark discussion, it is however validated by default.

            It's kind of what discussion is supposed to be, the exchange of views an opinion.

            What you seem to want is a contest of US Constitutional Fariseeism. Which frankly often seems to be what Americans debating their constitution ends up as.

            No, not interested in that.


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