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US Leftist Media follows Soviet model

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  • US Leftist Media follows Soviet model

    In what sense, then, are we being sovietized? I came to the conclusion when I traveled in what was then the Eastern Bloc that the ubiquitous propaganda was not intended to persuade, much less to inform, but to humiliate; for citizens had not merely to avoid contradicting it in public, but actually to agree with it in public. Therefore, from the point of view of the ruling power, the less true and more outrageously false the propaganda was, the better. For to force people to assent to propositions that are outrageously false, on pain of losing their livelihoods or worse, was to crush them morally and psychologically, and thus make them docile, easily manipulated, and complicit in their own enslavement. Increasingly in our daily lives we find ourselves in analogous situations.

    And I think we have seen enough about SJWs, Political Shaming, PC rulings and the media's Tabliod 24/7 attacks on Trump to know what I am talking about here.

    If not... heh heh, LOTS more examples out there yet to be plumbed.

    And the US Govt also works along the same lines -

    I began to understand their strategy. Each time it was someone else. And I had to explain my case all over again. And nothing progressed.

    This was precisely the method employed by the bureaucracy of the public housing department in dealing with its tenants. It denied that it had received e-mails, letters, or telephone calls (even though they had been recorded for training and monitoring purposes); the person to whom the tenant had last spoken, known only by his or her first name, was always out of the office when called again—on a training course, at lunch, on sick or maternity leave, and so forth—so that the poor supplicant had to explain for the nth time what he wanted, until he lost his temper and was categorized as aggressive and unreasonable and put on a blacklist.
    "Why is the Rum gone?"

    -Captain Jack

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