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Melania Trump; Successful reality vs. Hate-Trump press

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  • Melania Trump; Successful reality vs. Hate-Trump press

    An amateur vid, but some very good points.

    It certainly does appear that the Legacy Media in the US are the primary , and perhaps only, source of hate vs the First Lady. Whenever she goes out everyone else in the world is impressed and favorable, but never the Leftist media inside America's tiny little bubble of the Hollywood-Washinton D.C. axis.

    She certainly comes off better than the hooded wife of Turkey's Edrogan, or the geriatric matron of France.

    If even Yahoo is ready to say something that isn't radically anti-Trump, it is an interesting day.

    And speaking of that trip, it does appear to be having tremendously positive implications;

    Only on Left-wing news outlets is there doom & gloom about all this, based on nothing but their hopes for a disastrous future.
    "Why is the Rum gone?"

    -Captain Jack

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