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A belated Obama failure noted

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    Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
    Well, we can add another Obama blunder to the list... This time it's Obamacare!

    Seems like a problem I've been mentioning about Obamacare is coming to a head... And it don't look good.

    This is "Cost Reduction Subsidies." This is the program that was supposed to pay insurers for losses under Obamacare, if they occurred. Insurers would pay into the program if they made a profit and the government would add additional funds.
    Unfortunately, insurers didn't make anywhere near enough profits on Obamacare to keep the CSR fund solvent. The Obama administration made up the difference with government funds collected from a variety of sources.


    That's $7 to 12 billion taxpayer dollars... a year... and growing...

    Thus, insurers are just as likely to pull the plug and not offer Obamacare policies at all. It looks like up to a third of all counties in the US won't have an Obamacare plan come November when the open season for 2018 begins. Sounds like Obamacare is dead even if Congress does nothing.

    And, it's all due to the inept legislation that the Democrats passed.
    No it will because of specific​ action that the GOP President takes. The voters are not stupid as you seem to think. Deplorables anyone????
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      Originally posted by Tsar View Post
      You seem more than happy to embrace it when it comes to Donald.
      If anyone here tried to use sources that were as incomplete as the NYT routinely uses you would scream bloody murder.
      Trying hard to be the Man, that my Dog believes I am!


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        Originally posted by Combat Engineer View Post
        No it will because of specific​ action that the GOP President takes. The voters are not stupid as you seem to think. Deplorables anyone????
        I noticed how you clipped Speaker Ryan's quote off that...

        "The writing was already on the wall that Obamacare was failing. Unfortunately, the Left is only now calling it out—with a pathetic attempt to point the finger at Republicans," Ryan said in a statement.
        The Obama administration lost in court on CSR payments being illegally made from other funding sources. If this administration drops the appeal, which is very likely, that ruling stands. The Trump administration would simply be following the law... as written by the Democrats.

        Yes, voters aren't stupid. The "Deplorables" are Democrats who wrote a horribly flawed bill, then ineptly implemented it. Remember the train wreck with the implementation of the Obamacare website?


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