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The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere

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    Originally posted by Combat Engineer View Post
    Yes, we know that the US meddled in the past. Does that make it right?

    Now list current attempts by other countries to meddle in our elections, as you claimed in the OP..
    Depends on your moral compass. Me, I don't mind us trying to influence other countries and expect other countries to try and influence us. That's the world.

    The problem here is your selective outrage. As always you condemn in Trump what you approve of in Democrats. And that is why I never take your outrage seriously.
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      Originally posted by Snowygerry View Post
      Sure it is.

      It is the link that conveys the information between sender and receiver - the classic definition of a "medium" in communication science.
      Post # 23 was sourced from CNN, a favorite of most leftist.
      Dispite our best intentions, the system is dysfunctional that intelligence failure is guaranteed.
      Russ Travers, CIA analyst, 2001


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        Originally posted by BELGRAVE View Post
        There have been dark rumours circulating since the 70s that the US government had intervened in the political scene in Australia to try to unseat the then Whitlam Labour government, which was aiming for a largely neutral stance in international politics.
        This actually happened,dramatically, in November 1975 but the nature of such interference-if any- seemed to play little part in Whitlam's dismissal.
        The nature of such meddling and precisely how it could have been mobilized to affect the democratic process here was never explained.
        Ahh, the Power and the Passion. Good song, great drums, but ultimately a butt hurt statement by young left wing uni students that failed to realise that Gough ultimately undid himself by going to far to fast, with a very inexperienced and sometimes corrupt cabinet.

        He, however, did leave a good legacy in many areas of social reform, and left lessons that were well learnt by a very good successor in the Hawke/Keating ALP government.

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          Originally posted by Massena View Post
          Are you enjoying attacking your own government?
          Guatemala, Iran, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Nicaragua, etc--except for Guatemala--all major failures interfering in elections/politics elsewhere
          major waste of taxpayers' $$$
          .....was Guatemala even worth it?
's not attacking when you discuss facts
          ..stupid is when you keep doing the wrong things over and over--we should not be stupid, yes?


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            The CIA provided training and arms for Operation Condor and Operation Charlie. Under Pres. Johnson and every president up to Reagan.
            Look it up.
            The "Dirty War" in Argentina? Another deadly chapter.
            No I don't hate my nation, but I don't like some of the things it's clandestine agencies do in the absence of public oversight.
            Dispite our best intentions, the system is dysfunctional that intelligence failure is guaranteed.
            Russ Travers, CIA analyst, 2001


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