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Sammy Watkins no-shows brotherís bond hearing after signing $1M check

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    Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
    The "big names"e often the worst of all because they believe themselves to be untouchable.

    He's accused of racketeering, a very serious charge that I will let the courts handle rather than it being tried in the Lame Stream Media.
    yeah his brother is the inference is his brother is also guilty

    But I will admit i thought of what you said. There is a level of stupidity that goes with being rich sometimes.
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      Originally posted by Marmat View Post
      ... that isn't the proper question. The question should be, do I see the same standard being applied to Tom Brady's brother, "arrested and charged with racketeering and conspiracy for accusations he's involved with the Lee County gang, the Lake Boyz"? I think it may be assumed and factual to say the Judge in Lee County FL would likewise be inclined to maintain the same judicial standards, i.e. "a hearing would be required to determine how '... Brady' (of the Lake Boyz) is getting the money". Requesting with notice, a "pride of Fort Myers/San Mateo" football star to return to his hometown (IF he has off-season/wintered elsewhere) to assist justice authorities, his brother, and himself, shouldn't be considered unduly arduous.

      I don't think you fully appreciate the situation and purpose of the hearing. Given the nature of the allegations, and the investigation against the accused, it's in Watkins/Brady's best interest to attend the hearing and submit to any questions the DA/Judge may pose. If the state intends to pursue recovery of assets obtained by crime, and I have little doubt here that is the case, then Watkins/Brady want to ensure on court record, that any personal money's put forward on behalf of kin, are kept separate and NOT subject to further investigation and recovery by the state, in any manner. Future earnings by way of name, endorsement, and brand are not within the Judge's purview.
      I fully appreciate nature of the hearing and find it completely inappropriate. As been noted by Tac these things do not occur often. So one needs to ask why would it occur when someone clearly has the means to write the check.

      you limit yourself to the judge but it is the state that could be held liable for false accusations.

      Sammy is not charge with a crime but is being treated as a criminal and your statement implies that. This sounds like a fishing expedition to me.

      No way does prosecutor even think bring in Brady.

      Although I will admit their a few place Brady might be called. #hatepatriots


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