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    Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
    Look at it from the company's PoV: you have 150 drivers whose union has forced their salaries up to $100k a year plus benefits. I know driving a heavy rig is skilled labor, but that is still a pretty hefty salary.

    So the company looks for a way to cut that massive payroll. And it found one.

    It's the same thing with fast food places going automated in the face of ever-raising minimum wages.

    Never price yourself out of the market.
    Incredibly shortsighted view: The fact that we see the replacement of workers who make 1$00,000 annually AND of workers who earn minimum wages exposes the emptiness of the demand to never have workers price themselves out of the market. It is an unreasonable expectation, and there is no way that from the strictly business perspective a worker can compete with AI or a robot with the exception of fields in which human touch is important (such as eldery care, etc). And it is funny to see people who have worked in the public sector (such as former Law Enforcement Officers) getting government salaries and generous benefits, talking (after their retirement of course) about how workers should act in the private market...
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      Originally posted by Hida Akechi View Post
      Yeah. This. Completely agree. But for me, it's a trust issue. I trust a human more than I do a computer not to get us killed with there are seconds to make the right choices.
      There are numerous systems that do just that right now. And have been for years.

      The technology for driver-less cars is not new; it has only recently become cheap enough to be considered practical.

      Drones fly thousands of miles on internal control every week. Is flying less demanding than driving?

      As MM noted, automated systems run factories, and a recent thread here posted about the Navy testing unmanned mine sweepers.

      Based on the hundreds of traffic accidents I've worked, I am inclined to say that a computer could not possibly drive worse than many Humans.

      At least it won't drive drunk, or text.
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