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Don Rickles, king of insult comedy, dies at 90

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    I really liked Don Rickles' persona. So much so that I tend to 'borrow' a bit of his schtick for my senior HS classes. He is missed.
    So, RIP you hockey puck!
    Go insult St. Peter.
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      I dunno ...

      Originally posted by Jose50 View Post
      I really liked Don Rickles' persona. So much so that I tend to 'borrow' a bit of his schtick for my senior HS classes. He is missed.
      So, RIP you hockey puck!
      Go insult St. Peter.
      ... if Rickles is headed to meeting St. Peter, he was a Celebrity "Roast" fixture in life ... besides, he was Jewish and heading to Olam Haba anyway.
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        Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
        He was awesome in Kelly's Heroes (which IMO is an underrated film).
        Honestly, I see it as one of the most underrated war films. It is hard for a movie to combine a war film and comedy successfully without it ending up sappy and maudlin in the end, or just turning into an action film with the occasional joke.

        I also have the theme song as a ring tone on my phone.


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          Originally posted by R. Evans View Post
          A personal story about Don Rickles:

          I was in 7th grade and staying at a friend's house on a Friday night. The Dean Martin Roast came on at 10pm and we were watching it with my friend's dad and when they announced who was on the show, the dad said when Don Rickles was announced, that he didn't think he was funny. Rickles came on and launched into his act and my friend's dad completely lost it laughing. He was un-PC before there was such a thing. Insult Comedy lost a true giant.
          He really did some amazing stuff, and I think what sold it was his "grumpy, bitter old guy" persona where he went after everyone, which went a long way towards making him a perennial favorite.

          On a side not for everyone, I highly recommend checking out the Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project. A good look at the man and his life.


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            Any of you old farts remember this?


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              Rickles was my favorite guest on Johnny Carson when I was a kid. Years later, when my uncle and I taught tennis for 12 hrs at a stretch, he saw an ad for a Rickles' show at Foxwoods in Connecticut. After sweating for 12 straight hours on a warm summer's day, we drove up there to watch him. Laughed ourselves silly. Ended up sleeping on the side of I-95 due to sheer exhaustion afterwards. Never regretted it for a minute.

              Good night, funny man.
              I was married for two ******* years! Hell would be like Club Med! - Sam Kinison


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                Remember this one?
                Credo quia absurdum.

                Quantum mechanics describes nature as absurd from the point of view of common sense. And yet it fully agrees with experiment. So I hope you can accept nature as She is - absurd! - Richard Feynman


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                  RIP Don Rickles...a great man he was
                  Long live the Lionheart! Please watch this video
                  Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.

                  George S Patton


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                    RIP, Mr. Rickles, and thanks for all of the great times!
                    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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                      You will be missed

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