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    Originally posted by slick_miester View Post
    That whether this or that candidate will make a good office-holder is immaterial: today's partisans will bitch to high heaven about today's office-holder. If Trump shat out a gold egg daily and hand delivered it to some needy family, his opponents will open their commentary with the smell. At some point the complaining becomes just so much background noise. And these days, the volume's turned up to eleven.
    Well, nothing much for me to add to that is there,

    have a nice week-end
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      Originally posted by Bass_Man86 View Post
      The Donald has made so many false statements (otherwise known as lies) that Politifact actually has seven pages devoted to the Donald's alternative facts (otherwise known as lies). Yet, none of his BS seems to have any negative effect on the Donald's true believers; amazing! Ronald had a reputation for being coated in Teflon. I would argue that the Donald is coated in an even more effective non-stick substance. So, for all you Trumpeters out there, enjoy, and please, do feel free to explain/spin/excuse/......... whatever.

      He isnt the most dishonest us politician.IMHO.
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        Today the President tweeted out thanks to Charter Communications while announcing that he could now say they would be creating 20k jobs!!!!!!

        Problem was that the promise for those jobs was made by Charter in 2015 and the approval given to a merger deal with Charter as the lead.

        "Today, I was thrilled to announce a commitment of $25 BILLION & 20K AMERICAN JOBS over the next 4 years. THANK YOU Charter Communications!" Trump tweeted alongside a video with executives.
        Of course the company CEO had just done a video with President Trump and said nothing at all about the fact that his comments were so much BS. Remember that when other CEO's let President Trump take credit for other job 'creating' moments that they had planned awhile ago. They're scared of him.
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