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    The failure of imagination and inventiveness is amazing when it comes to education.

    Our elementary and secondary schools have become daycare centers for working parents. Our universities indoctrination centers. We have a nineteenth century educational system in the twenty first century. The system need to be reinvented to take full advantage of modern technology and reduce cost. It may be painful for people in the industry to accept but the only way that can happen is through competition and lowering budgets to force efficiency. What the last 50 years has proven is that giving people more money without any way to incentivise a good product (educated kids) human will do what they always do which is get by on handouts. The reason the system worked so well in the nineteenth and first half of the 20 century is that failing had consequences even to the point of starving if you couldn't find a job. The other reason it worked so well was it was a period in which the degeneracy of cultural Marxism had not transformed society.

    It is time for the left to admit that they have failed to demonstrate that their form of social engineering is workable. The cost of failure has simply been pushed off to future generations.
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      Originally posted by G David Bock View Post

      Best education experience I had was in a Catholic school, grades 7 and 8, in a classroom of @45 students. Nuns did an excellent job back then and at fraction of the cost of the so-called "professionals" we have now.
      Not a public school therefore not a valid comparison.

      Adjusted for inflation a.k.a. real dollar scope seems to have missed your grasp.
      No. I simply didn't make my point clear.

      Issue is that education now costs several times what it used to per student and results are about half as good.
      I didn't state this, but part of the cost growth is due to factors unrelated to teaching:

      - Increased admin staff costs to deal with paperwork imposed by state and federal laws.
      - Increased construction and facilities maint. costs.

      The labor cost of the teachers themselves has increased beyond inflation because, among other lesser reasons, the overall cost of labor has increased. Most industries have kept this in check by increasing productivity per worker at a greater rate. You can't automate human interaction like teaching (or playing live music) and increase productivity.

      One factor too many overlook is that of student desire/motivation and support at/from home. Classic variant on you can lead the horse to water but make him drink. If student isn't interested, motivated, or supported by parents/home, teacher isn't going to have much effect.
      That's a problem with some students and families, but it's not the universal cause, and in fact that has always been the case. I just happened to read Harpo Marx's autobiography. He and his brothers, along with many of their classmates, did nothing in school and left around age 14. Harpo was illiterate until he taught himself to read after his movie career ended.


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        Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
        Actually, this statement isn't true at all. The first things to arrive in the new frontier were churches and schools.
        It was generally the case that when the population of children reached a certain level, the parents would pool money, advertise and hire a schoolteacher, and designate an existing space or construct a school building. Pretty much the same thing they had done previously to bring a church into town.


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          I always thought many towns started because of Trading Posts and some Railroads started towns on Railroad Land? I imagine that Bars also went up quick. I vaguely recall some churches started by holding meetings in Bars Sunday Mornings.

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            Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
            Actually, this statement isn't true at all. The first things to arrive in the new frontier were churches and schools.
            Yes, but people were not compelled to pay taxes in support of these institutions except in few states. Even so, most of taxes were levied locally and were directed toward local communities. Public education did not exist nationwide then as we know it today.

            Another interesting thing is what little of formal education was back then, it wasn't made compulsory. Many children had formal education early on but for whatever reasons they quit schooling early and still went on to have good life. Why is that? Because for many children, their education actually started at home as their parents instilled the value of hard work and good morals.

            Get this, public education wasn't an end in itself. It was simply viewed as a means, one of many tools, to acquiring some formal study. Today it exists solely because of its powerful proponents rather than as a genuine concern over the well being of future generations.
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              They are experimenting with on-line education for high school in our area, originally intended for pregnant or suspended teens, but now is being expanded. It is much cheaper than conventional public schools, and looks to deliver as good or better results.

              The sharpest example of the failure of the public school system comes from home schooling:

              Studies have also examined the impact of homeschooling on students' GPAs. Cogan (2010) found that homeschooled students had higher high school GPAs (3.74) and transfer GPAs (3.65) than conventional students.[44] Snyder (2013) provided corroborating evidence that homeschoolers were outperforming their peers in the areas of standardized tests and overall GPAs.[45] Looking beyond high school, a study by the 1990 National Home Education Research Institute (as cited by Wichers, 2001) found that at least 33% of home schooled students attended a four-year college, and 17% attended a two-year college. This same study examined the students after one year, finding that that 17% pursued higher education.[46] Thus, the data indicates that homeschooling can also prepare students for success in higher education.
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                I work in the education department.

                Private schooling in and of itself is an interesting topic...both the pro and Anti Private school argument makes good points.

                As for Public schooling....Trump ought to work toward making some changes in the way public schools handle themselves. I'm all for public education but inner city public education needs reform. For example in Buffalo, public city school teachers make substantially less money than that of public school teachers in the this issue needs to be rectified.

                I submit that all public schools with 100+students for example whether in the suburbs or city should have

                -Free Busing including buses that can handle handicapped students.

                -Free breakfast and lunch for students. No more of the embarrassment of a poor student having to showcase a card of some sorts to the cafeteria staff approving of a free lunch

                -Extracurricular activities such as sports

                -Special education department for mentally disabled students.
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                  The difference in pay is probably due to having different School Districts. In Louisiana, there are 64 Parishes (counties) and several Independent School Districts. Texas is composed of many Independent School Districts, some large, some small. School districts are made up of tax bonding districts.

                  As a rule, the more industry and valuable housing in a School District, the better the school pays.

                  I bet the suburbs around Buffalo have much more valuable housing than inside the city. If they are independent, they have more taxes coming in to pay teacher salaries.

                  If the City of Buffalo and the suburbs merged to form a new school district, there would be more tax base. The fly in the ointment is every voter in the new district would have to approve new taxes.

                  I grew up in South Lake Charles. Desegregation and White Flight affected Lake Charles badly. My old high school is now mostly Black. The new high school they built in the Southwest (as far away from the mostly Black North Lake Charles as they could get!) is now only 60% White and more minorities want in! For many years the new high school wanted a football stadium. The effort failed until a few years ago. They did not build this new school intelligently and they are always asking for improvements. Most of these bond elections fail. Now they have their own bond district and they still have problems passing bond elections!

                  Tax elections depend on emotions. Even if you write a good proposal, you can still lose.

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                  Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

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