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    I wish Trump all the luck with his attempts to rein in our out-of-control federal bureaucracy.

    At least he's willing to try, and if his attempts fail it will be on our so-called "representatives" and not on him.
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      Problem with his budget is that it doesn't reduce the spending or deficit at all. Which means that while those cuts would weed out considerable number of government jobs there is no guarantee that there would be anything to replace them. No drops in spending means that there is no way of balancing the US budget. Which leaves only few options:

      (i) Trump makes tax cuts like he stated in the campaign -> US national debt starts growing even faster.

      (ii) Trump cancels his tax cuts -> US national debt keeps growing at the current rate.

      With his policies the more likely result would be doubling of the debt instead of getting rid of it - then again what would you have expected from a person who has run quite a few companies to bankrupcy - i just hope he doesn't run the USA Inc. to bankrupcy as well.

      However given that the budget won't go through as such and according to even Republicans is essentially a fairy tale all is still in the open. Which his current budget suggestion and his tax cuts to the rich (who don't need them) it would be the poor who would suffer the most (also from axing of the funding to their support programs).

      Only way for Trump to eliminate the debt would be by defaulting it.
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