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Trump and Obamacare

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    Originally posted by Bow View Post
    Your president sure has this fixation on Obama and the ACA.......did anybody in your ,US, political system ever consider going to other countries that have a medicare programme and seeing how their,s work....or is it the old IWIHP and that only America had ever thought of medicare or what ever you want to call it.

    Its sad for the citizens of the US, the so called "richest country in the world" and the only idustrialized country in the Western world that has no universal care for ALL your citizens
    Our Constitution established our federal gov't for limited purposes, and it is exceeding its authority with ANY involvement in health care.

    I don't GAS about any other countries and their socialism- they aren't my problem. My problem is MY gov't has exceeded its authority, and something like 1/2 the electorate thinks that's just fine and dandy.


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