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    Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
    Privatized education has generally performed or out performed public education both on cost and outcomes. Private prisons outperform government ones at the low end of incarceration but cannot compete with government institutions at the higher security levels.

    I have no problem with schools "pushing marginalized populations" out the door. That public schools try for "fair and equal" with severely handicapped, and other children with serious medical, mental, or psychological issues is insanity. It simply drags down the rest of the students.
    That a school is forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a "student" that is severely handicapped to the point they're nearly comatose or brain dead is a complete waste of resources and money.
    Sure, the parents want their precious child given what amounts to free daycare with expensive medical staff and other providers at government expense. They love that. Never mind that programs and activities for the other 99% of students are cut to pay for that.
    Life isn't fair. Schools should be competitive. The best should be allowed to rise to the top for the betterment of society. Those that can't manage that, get what society can afford them.
    Education isn't a "Right." It never was and never can be. You have no "Right" to a high school education let alone a college one. You have to prove you're able to do the work at those levels to get a diploma.
    If instead, we insist that everyone has the "Right" to a high school diploma we might as well print them on yellow toilet paper and place them in public bathrooms so anyone can get a high school diploma whenever they wish. That's what our current education system is headed towards.
    Not everyone has a right to a high school diploma, but they do have the right be provided the opportunity to earn one. Its a win-win when we provide that to everyone. Kids who graduate are more likely to hold down a job and pay taxes, which benefits all of us. Kids who don't graduate or even make it to 8th grade are more likely to live off of the government and require government benefits. That's bad for all of us. What you are advocating for would inevitably lead to higher taxes to pay for a lifetime of benefits for more people.

    Our current educational system isn't sustainable, but not due to the load kids are putting on it. We need less admin, less high stakes testing, and less throwing money at new technology/programs that are either abandoned the next year or never adequately utilized.


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      Washington swarms with useless agencies,who,if disbanded,could save the taxpayer billions .

      Such as

      EPA (8.5 billion)

      FEMA (13.5 billion ) it failed in Katrina

      Education (70 billion )

      SAMHSA (3 billion )

      Indian Affairs

      Indian Arts and Crafts Board

      Indian Health Service

      Administration on Native Americans which does the same thing as Indian Affairs

      Administration on Aging with as mission to EDUCATE old people on the facilities the government is giving them

      International Trade Commission

      International Trade Administration

      And the best one :Office of Government Ethics :with as mission to learn the civil servants how to wast and embezzle taxpayers money without being caught .


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        Originally posted by Daemon of Decay View Post
        Privatization is the answer.

        I actually had to do some work with the NOAA last summer, as some of their data was important to the industry, but I find it hard to understand how anything they do couldn't be done for cheaper by a private organization answering to government guidelines. Would also make dealing with them easier because they would be responsible for handling their own unions and employees.
        It's already privatized. We subscribe to a private weather service for the Gulf of Mexico. However, all of the private weather services depend on the NWS, NHC and a wide range of NOAA satellites, buouys, radars and other systems.
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