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"Millenials not choosing politics as a means of 'making a difference'"

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    Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
    Then you clearly do not understand either people, nation-states or politics, and you certainly have no clue what makes America work.
    Sure thing old man. Just remember that you are telling a millennial how he thinks, when he tells you that's not how he thinks. maybe it's you who is lacking quite a lot of understanding here?

    They tell you that it is an honor to die for your country and you believed it. Why? Not mention when they told you you are fighting for freedom. Is it the buzzwords that make you so convinced?

    You do understand that all these things are what politicians tell you. Well, you don't understand. You don't want to understand. You will never understand(apart from politicians you don't like, then you understand). Because you're a grumpy old man who scoffs at everything that isn't close to his heart(and to those things too, but in a loving caring way).

    Did you want to actually discuss something, or did you just want to tell how much you hate millennials? Your generation is quite hateful and spiteful. Why do you think that is? Maybe it's because you believed in all those things, but your experience showed otherwise? Yet somehow you are unable to admit this.

    Hang on to your dreams I guess.
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      Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
      You really missed the entire point of the exercise.
      Nah, I got it just fine.

      Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
      MM is right ; its too bad you don't see what was preserved by your actions, but that is a failing of many. He used 'noble' where I would use 'necessary', but under his crusty, obnoxious exterior is a lot more mean SoB, so I have no idea why.
      MM is right in that he desires a better society, for himself, and for his posterity. We just happen to disagree over how to go about it is all.

      Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
      Society as a whole is garbage, whether you were dying at Bull Run or Normandy or the ME. That has never changed, nor been part of the equation.

      There are still just two types: those who step up, and the pointless drones.
      Then if, as you say, that "society as a whole is garbage" -- which is an opinion that I do not dispute in the slightest -- then what good comes from playing the muscle which keeps this rotten edifice standing? Are you getting it? If it's garbage, then why risk so much for it? Why not do something to make it worth fighting for, if that's even possible, being as we're nothing more than glorified simians anyway?

      Originally posted by Daemon of Decay View Post
      And this is how revolutions are fomented
      I'm no revolutionary -- far from it. Revolutions overwhelmingly are exercises in bullsht wherein on bunch of gifted cone men suckers the great unwashed into whacking the old bunch of con men who were quite as gifted. By and large revolutions are exercises in stupidity, and revolutionaries are the worst kinds of manipulators history has ever known.

      Originally posted by Daemon of Decay View Post
      One of the major reasons Millenials aren't choosing to go into public service is cynicism. It's not because they like having a terrible government; look at how many youngsters grasped onto Obama's message of "hope and change".
      - emphasis mine

      In this Millenials are no different from their elders. They say they want "change," but what they really want is "leadership," which is simply code for "absolution from responsibility." It's the only reason we have governments: so that when things go to pot, we have some one to blame. 70% of Americans believed that Iraq played a role in the 9/11 attacks and wanted Bush to invade Iraq -- and six years later they wanted Bush tarred and feathered. We all knew that Bush's evidence was a flimsy as grandma's underwear, but we ate it up any way, and by piling up on Bush & Co we conveniently forgot how we -- Joe Schmo on the Street -- howled for blood too. Some how we magically believed that if we voted for Obama all of those troublesome Bush problems would disappear. We'll vote for any Blarney dispenser in a suit -- just so long as he accepts our responsibility.

      We don't need leaders. We don't need kings, or prime ministers, or presidents. We need to learn how to manage our own lives. We need to learn how to live profitably and peaceably within human communities. We need to stay the fck out of other people's business, and how to tend to our own more effectively. When we do these simple things, our need for political leadership will decrease dramatically. We need to be captains of our own lives. If we continuously reject responsibility for our own lives, then it only stands to reason that we'll fall victim again and again and again to these con men. In the end, regardless of age or other demographic qualifier, we have only ourselves to blame.
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