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One of Obama's "comutees," executed by gang members

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  • One of Obama's "comutees," executed by gang members

    Two months after release.

    Maybe his family members can sue the government.

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    Thank you gangsters for ensuring this guy does no more time!


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      I'd say the gent had "friends" who carried a grudge.


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        Thomas’ commutation, which was among a group of 79 announced Nov. 22, was part of Obama’s second-term effort to try to remedy the consequences of decades of onerous sentencing requirements that Obama said had imprisoned thousands of drug offenders for too long.
        Obviously not long enough.

        So the Feds and local agencies spent tens of thousands of dollars and no small risk to break up an organized crime ring, only to have Bobo cut them loose.

        At least no one else got hurt. But that won't always be the case.

        I wonder how much of Bobo's retirement home in Hawaii was decorated with this guy's 'exit fee'?
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