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    Originally posted by TactiKill J. View Post
    You're confusing entertainment for support or victory. Is that still a terrible view to have, yes. But, there's a huge difference.
    Thanks for the view this all as entertainment. That explains a lot.........




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      Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
      Let's clear up all of the confusion - these are not "protesters" - they are rioters.

      You have the right to protest. You do not have any right to riot.

      Those whom bother to know their Constitution would note that the First Amendment reminds of the "... right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the Government ... " i one of many rights not to be abridged.

      Civil disorder, property damage and destuction, disruption of others commerce and prosperity, in essence "riot" would be readily considered crimes and felonies of various sorts all other times, especially when not cloaked in quasi-political wrappers. The hand of Law Enforcement should be especially heavily applied in these cases. Political facades do not exonerate, just the opposite.


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        Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
        Well, my prediction that there would be violent rioting, window smashing, and lots of arrests has come true.

        Seems they're a bit upset...

        The question to ask is... Would you really want a government of the sort these people purport to love?
        Would seem some of our TDS afflicted here do. Anarchy and street violence perfectly OK political policy towards a Presidential Person with a personality you don't like.


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          Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
          Watch the news. The rioters are getting terrific coverage, and so are all of the rocks and burning cars.

          It's happening.
          While "if it bleeds it leads" might seem the MSM SOP, the commentary and text of HOW thi is being reported shows a clear bias of TDS overlaid with acceptance of the civil riot.

          Some might see this as a not so good thing, this rabid outrage from a small minority of our society, but from another perspective it could be seen as a cleansing moment when the truely dangerous and deranged members have exposed themselves. "The Mob" is the anti-thesis of Government and we see in these rabid Lefties the real fear that their un-earned "entitlements" might be cut and their delusions disolved.


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            Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
            The only thing sadder than the liberals out smashing windows are the liberals who lacked the courage to do even that much.
            I think that should be phrased, the liberals whom lack the courage to control and contain the rabid among them. To stand by and watch is tacit approval and complicity with the riotous actions.


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