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Mass shooting in Ft. Lauderdale

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  • Originally posted by DeltaOne View Post
    Perhaps if one or more of your family are murdered or horrifically maimed, your attitude and point of view would change.
    Estimates out there put the number of guns in American hand between 270,000,000 and 310,000,000. We have approximately 320,000,000 as a population in the US. We are close to having the majority of American armed with a gun yet we have around 16,000 people still getting murdered by a firearm. If the answer to making people safe is just more guns, what happened to these 16,000 victims of which most probably owned their own gun? Why didn't it offer them safety like is repeatedly stated over and over again on ACG forums?
    According to the CDC, for homicides in the US, 2/3rds are committed with a firearm, but hey, when stats 'shoot holes' in the argument that more guns make us safer, we'll just say they are complete bullshit.
    The fact is, most people own a gun because it gives them a hard-on to shoot it. Say it like it is. We have the legit hunters and they don't need an 'assault gun' to drop a deer and their average handgun is only going to pi$$ of an angry bear. So that argument is over.
    At home, do you go answer your door every time the doorbell rings with your gun? I seriously doubt it. I guess you can call a time-out and have a determined criminal stand politely at the door while you race to the bedroom and pull out your glock from your underwear drawer and then yell 'game on' and proceed to shoot the living $hit out of each other.
    I own a number of firearms. They are as you all say, 'tools'. For a huge segment of the US population, they aren't 'tools', they are 'toys'.

    So go ahead with all your wise-ass remarks. I won't change your minds, and you won't change mine. Certain guns do not belong in the hands of average Joe citizens. When it is your son or daughter or grandchild who is gunned down, you may see the light.
    100% of homicides are committed by PEOPLE!

    How's that for shooting holes in stats...........




    • Americans owning guns is not about making us safer from criminals, although sometimes it might.
      I do not wish to have the slave emancipated because I love him, but because I hate his master."
      --Salmon P. Chase


      • Originally posted by Savez View Post
        Americans owning guns is not about making us safer from criminals, although sometimes it might.
        It is an inalienable right. Like freedom of speech it is exercised in many different ways.
        Any man can hold his place when the bands play and women throw flowers; it is when the enemy presses close and metal shears through the ranks that one can acertain which are soldiers, and which are not.


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