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Illegal Immigrants and the horrible media spin on them.

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    Being against illegal immigration does not make you a racist in the same way that hiring the best qualified people instead of using a quota system does not make you a racist.

    I think it should be made clear however that allowing some people from every social and economic class to immigrate is a reasonable proposition. A society is not made up of doctors and lawyers.

    It is also reasonable to hire people based on sex and race because there are some benefits to diversity. Those benefits are just exaggerated by progressives. Similarly there are benefits to diverse immigration. Who doesn't like authentic ethnic food for example.

    One of the things many people don't understand is that illegal immigrants attract a criminal class that often is of the same origin as the immigrants. Immigrants legal or illegal are easily exploited for a variety of reasons, language limitations, fear of law enforcement, employment opportunities etc. The Irish, Italian, and Jewish organized criminality are a few examples in legal immigrant communities historically. You only compound the problem with illegal immigrants. For people on the left the answer is to make all immigrants legal, for people on the right the answer is to manage immigration so that you can have effective law enforcement.

    I see no reason why a compromise cannot be reached other than the fact that within the progressive movement there are an unfortunately large number of cultural Marxist and on the right there are a small number of neo Nazis. In this case the right represents the lesser evil.
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