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Trump seeks Obama advice on appointments

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    Its certainly true that Barack Hussein Obama is a great man. To rise to the position of Commander and Chief of the US military is such an amazing feat. I would of course pay homage to Trump for becoming the 45th POTUS. It is one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of mankind to become POTUS, right up there with becoming Emperor of the Roman Empire or the Khagan of the Mongol Empire. Its only fitting that Obama and Trump are working and will work together even more in the future. Trump and Obama will get together for drinks(well Trump will have Juice or soda) and have discussions on the state of affairs in America.
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      Originally posted by 17thfabn View Post
      There is no shortage of qualified Republicans and Democrats who are ready and willing to fill these positions. They may be mundane but they are high paying.
      There is no such thing as a qualified Democrat.
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        Originally posted by The Doctor View Post
        Going from CEO to Cabinet Secretary is a huge paycut and it also means having to report to a boss. I wonder why so many CEO's and/or billionaires are essentially offering pro bono services to the Trump administration...
        Executive Branch appointees can divest assets without paying capital gains tax in order to comply with ethics regulations and put that money in approved investments, like mutual funds.

        They do have to pay capital gains later on when they sell the new investments, but they've got four years in which to try and reduce that tax rate. Even if they don't, they get to rebalance their portfolio without paying any tax.

        They're not serving pro bono. The only thing they're pro is bono-ing the American taxpayer.


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          Originally posted by Salinator View Post
          Your words:

          "They may be mundane but they are high paying."
          Salinator, I'm not talking about the high profile positions. There are about 1,200 appointed positions.
          For instance there are 94 U.S. Attorneys offices . How many Republican county prosecutors would like to step into one these positions?

          Others such as Assistant Secretary for Export are high paying.
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            Originally posted by Prospekt Mira View Post
            Weird, Trump a much classier President-elect with Obama than Obama was with his predecessor, who'd have thunk it?
            No joke, but this has another benefit-
            These new appointees and the process itself has Obama's fingerprints all over it now.

            The Far-Left will still pump out tales of how horrible all of Trump's people are, but their credibility is gone.
            Not that they will care, or be any quieter, or slow down.... but who with any brains would care anymore?
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