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    Originally posted by TactiKill J. View Post
    You're reaching. First off for me, policy and substance is more important than character. I don't care if Trump is a bad a person (within reason), as long as he can govern extremely well. I'm not one of the many who supported Bush because, "he's the type of guy you can sit down and have a beer with". Policy trumps all when it comes to my vote and support. Secondly, I've already said that some of the things listed there sound good, so there's no hypocrisy or bias at play, but at this point that's all it is. Anyone can make their selves sound good on paper, actions speak louder than words. Even Obama talked a good game and had a great website, which amounted to nothing. So no, I'm not buying into policy promises, especially from someone that has flip flopped on everything and someone I don't trust on the constitution and liberties. I'll buy into action. Just because I'm not kissing his ass based on a website doesn't mean I'm being hypocritical. Excuse me for needing proof and having my doubts. I would be more confident in Trump had he not laughed at 1st amendment issues, along with having a history of supporting the democratic establishment (again, actions), etc. There's enough concern there for me to need more than words on a website. I can't be manipulated that easily.
    Get some proper perspective here. The OP asks what Trump's foreign policy will be and then we see posts roaming the full spectrum of maybe this or that. No one started with what the man said when campaigning so I presented that website link to provide a start point. A couple of months from now we'll get to see if he follows thru or not.

    As for BHO and his website/promises, seems I might be the only one on this board whom read his books, which provided insight into his character and real agenda, and indicated he'd have problems following thru with his socialist "bring down America" agenda.
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      Originally posted by Skoblin View Post
      Hard for Russia to deny Poland gas without denying Germany - since the pipeline runs through Poland AFAIK.

      Russia is going for Nord Stream 2 now — increased delivery capacity. No one has so far asked for it, but Russia is forging ahead.


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        Originally posted by Imperial View Post
        If Trump forms a great friendship with Putin, what would be the point for these border nations to spend more on defense?
        To up the ante for anyone contemplating something radical. It's always the point of military preparations. Usually it's the only way. The only really disproportionate game-changer is nukes of your own.


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          Originally posted by Johan Banér View Post
          To up the ante for anyone contemplating something radical. It's always the point of military preparations. Usually it's the only way.
          That's just an idea to boost the sales of arms exporters.

          Russia won't do anything major against NATO border nations unless the international conditions are ripe for such an action. Namely when those nations no longer have a major power supporter and/or the alliance collapses. When that moment comes, the fact that these countries could maybe inflict an extra 10% losses on Russia won't matter much. The amount of pain Russia could cause would far exceed the benefit of causing it a few more losses than expected.


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