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Dylan Roof, Emanuel AME Church shooter, to represent himself at Fed trial.

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    Originally posted by slick_miester View Post
    Allowing him to defend himself is a certain path to a successful appeal.

    I'm surprised that the Feds are getting first crack at him. I'd have thought that SC's charges would have taken precedence.
    Not at all. The opposite actually. Constitution is clear on a person in a criminal trial getting to pick the defender of their choice or what they can afford.

    Once the court ruled that he was mentally fit to stand trial, his choice to represent himself is going to stand up.

    The 'stand-by' counselor is the Top Federal Public Defender that specializes in Death Penalty cases. He'll sit right next to him and at any time Roof can punt and let him step in for good. He would have been his actual defense counselor, but hey, he choose himself.
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      Most of us probably know of the remarkable family members of the victims...who forgave Roof. It reminds me of the story of a woman who forgave her sons killer.

      Its not my position to tell others that its the right thing to forgive the person(s) that have negatively effected them. That said, I must say I am extremely impressed with the family members of the victims of Roof...I dont know if I could have the ability to forgive someone who shot one of my family members. I find that the court will consider what family members of the victim have said and we might see something like life in prison for Roof.
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        How do you forgive someone that hasn't asked for forgiveness? How do the people he actually killed get to forgive him? Forgiveness is nice but it doesn't address the fact that he killed people and took their lives from them.


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