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In Scotland, Trump Built a Wall. Then He Sent Residents the Bill.

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  • In Scotland, Trump Built a Wall. Then He Sent Residents the Bill.

    A preview of things to come? We shall see, but I, for one, am not optimistic.

    BALMEDIE, Scotland — President-elect Donald J. Trump has already built a wall — not on the border with Mexico, but on the border of his exclusive golf course in northeastern Scotland, blocking the sea view of local residents who refused to sell their homes. And then he sent them the bill.

    David and Moira Milne had already been threatened with legal action by Mr. Trump’s lawyers, who claimed a corner of their garage belonged to him, when they came home from work one day to find his staff building a fence around their garden. Two rows of grown trees went up next, blocking the view. Their water and electricity lines were temporarily cut. And then a bill for about $3,500 arrived in the mail, which, Mr. Milne said, went straight into the trash.
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    Scottish laws, Scottish courts, and no specifics of Trump's Scottish contract. What happens in Scotland stays in Scotland.
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