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PC Run Amok -- or Are Frenchmen Sexist Pigs?

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    Brayon may be related to Neufchatel en Bray ,25 miles distant from where I am living.
    We call this county "le pays de Bray"
    Producing one of the best French cheese ,le Neufchatel (finding a name wasn't the biggest trouble)
    That rug really tied the room together


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      I can't think of any reason why French men should have to wear this label..

      Indian men beat them by a country mile!
      My Articles, ALMOST LIVE, exclusive to The Armchair!

      Soviet Submarines in WW2....The Mythology of Shiloh....(Edited) Both Sides of the Warsaw Ghetto
      GULAG Glossary....Who Really Killed The Red Baron?....Pearl Harbor At 75
      Lincoln-Douglas Debates


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        Originally posted by slick_miester View Post
        Hey Mods, if you so desire, feel free to move this one, 'cause I not at all sure where it belongs.

        So the other day, I'm sitting there with Slick Jr watching the Rangers -- NY of the NHL not Glasgow of the SPL and the young man expressed his interest in going up to Quebec to play junior hockey. So I says to him, "you'd better learn some French first." So he asks me, "how can I learn French?" And then it came to me, from the recesses of distant memory, my favorite educational program of my youth: French in Action. For those not familiar:

        Truth be known, I never learned a damned thing from that show. I was too entranced with the female lead's . . . . more visible attributes.

        Nevertheless, had I actually taken the opportunity to speak French more than twice a decade, I might have actually become conversant in the Gallic tongue. Anyways, my curiosity being piqued, I had to see what the World Wide Web's take on French in Action was, and I was shocked to learn this:

        I was otherwise occupied in that era, so I missed all the fun and games at Yale: the East Coast's headquarters for campus bullsht. Indeed, of all the Ivy League universities, none is as prone to leftover 1960s political crappola as Yale. So that some unshaven, unwashed, Yalie slob from Boston (New England's women are widely known as the US' least attractive -- and New Haven CT is a town where things and people decay at a geometric rate) objected to French in Action shouldn't come as any surprise. It was learning Prof Capretz's defense of his program that did surprise me, however:

        In the end, of course, Yale folded faster than a Chinese laundry: a month later, the university announced that it'll be altering its French course, aka greasing the squeaky wheel.

        So which is it: are Boston broads uptight frosty b*tches, or are Frogs lecherous perverts?
        Error, sorry did you say something? I was looking at the picture.
        "Sometimes its better to light a flamethrower than to curse the darkness" T Pratchett


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          Finally a thread in the NA forum that keeps me interested longer than 1 minute

          You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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