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DEFCON Level Reduced to Safest Level After Trump Election Victory

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    Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
    Why should Australia even be on someones target list?

    You can still go BBQ he next day after any nuclear exchange.
    Oh we'll be targetted alright.....We have bases here, and our global position viv-a-vis all thos satellites means that our American territory military bases are, (respectively) the eyes, ears, and the mouthpiece of the entire United Sates satellite communications and intelligence networks....

    As our resident turncoat/sellout politician/musician Pater Garret wrote, in his song, "Power and The Passion".....

    "Flat chat, Pine Gap,
    in every home a Big Mac...."

    We are seen by Indonesia as just a bulwark base for United states military concerns. In Darwin, we are right in the middle of it. We have a permanent force of U.S. Marines stationed here, we hold the largest exercises every year (The "Pitch Black" series of cluster f**ks), and we have the longest runway south of the equator, so literally anything can land here, however overloaded it may be....

    Oh yes.....we'll cop a couple of missiles here for sure....
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      I've got no doubt that I'm sitting on ground zero as well. But hey at least it'll be quick. Rather go that way than dying of old age or cancer.

      Perhaps I should take up sky diving, could be fun...
      Credo quia absurdum.

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        You're a billion times more likely to get killed by an illegal driving a car on the freeway than to be killed by a nuclear weapon.

        Negative perspiration, or as we soldiers used to say: "Never sweat the little stuff, and the big stuff takes care of itself."
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