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We Have Become an Idiocracy

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  • We Have Become an Idiocracy

    We have indeed become an Idiocracy; what a prophetic movie.

    And it only took two-and-a-half centuries

    Eight years ago, with the publication of Susan Jacoby’s The Age of American Unreason, our country had a debate about whether its citizens were becoming less intelligent. This year, we had a debate about how big Donald Trump’s penis is. While we have not resolved the latter, we have answered the former. Former means first, and latter means second.

    Two years before Jacoby’s book came out, Mike Judge set his sci-fi comedy Idiocracy 500 years in the future, when President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, a former champion professional wrestler, peppers his speeches with curses. Trump, who is in the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame, has used a curse or two when a facial expression could not fully convey his policy points. He has also used his candidacy to hawk products with his name far more effectively than Camacho did with Mountain Dew.
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    We became an Idiocracy in 2008.

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      While I have much respect for Mike judge and co-writer Etan Cohen....whom I assume to be the brother of Joel and the team behind "Brother where Art thou", ...while I have respect for their work, I don't think they had The Donald in mind when writing this, nor were theyalluding to Trump with vieled satirical innuendo.

      Having said that, looks like a great film.

      BTW sir, just how close are you to Ham,pton Roads? Close enough to take a trip to the Monitor Museum and take some pics for us all?

      I have not seen anything of the ship since I read she was raised from Hatteras Inlet.

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        Saw the movie. Both the writers and the actors apparently graduated from the era the movie depicts..


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          Originally posted by Skoblin View Post
          Saw the movie. Both the writers and the actors apparently graduated from the era the movie depicts..
          Office Space is a masterpiece...

          Gary Cole deserved an Oscar...

          Watts Up With That? | The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change.


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            From my favorite Conservative Philosopher, Ron Dreher, at the American Conservative.
            The accession of men like Donald Trump and Steve Bannon to the heights of political power are an unmistakable sign of decadence. It’s not that Trump is the first bad man to hold that office. For example, we did not know how decadent John F. Kennedy truly was, but had we known, he never would have been elected. (The Camelot mythology obscures, not enlightens.) The point about Trump is that we all know who he is and what he is, and yet we still chose him. Nobody can be shocked that he has elevated Steve Bannon in his White House: that’s who Trump is. He told us this about himself. He hid nothing.


            Name one established normative institution in American culture that conveys ideals that remain inwardly compelling. Can’t do it, can you? Hillary Clinton was the symbol of the decadent old order, the one that fewer and fewer people believe in. Can you imagine how far things have had to decay for the very embodiment of the American political establishment to lose a presidential election to Donald J. Trump? True, Trump represents a bad direction for America, an order that may be new, but is rotten through and through (some they think of him as “a kind of solution”). But then again, he is not so different from Hillary Clinton. They were both running to be the floor boss at an old casino.
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              While I will certainly not contradict the OP in his self-evaluation, I will challenge the idea that electing a highly competent businessman over a grossly corrupt career politician means people as a whole are stupid.

              Quite the opposite, I feel.
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                It's time for ...

                ... InteliGEN!


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                  We've always had piles of idiots. The difference in the last hundred or so years is we're not letting them die off like they used to. Now we have "modern" medicine so they get fixed up instead of dying when trying to win Darwin Awards. The result is an abundance of idiots so stupid they defy natural selection.

                  This then begins to effect the rest of society. These morons clog our schools with mouth breathing knuckle draggers that lower the quality of education. They're too stupid to be able to get jobs to support themselves... Unless they come from a rich family in which case they become managers and spread stupidity to business...

                  The bottom line here is that we've stopped letting nature take care of business the way she has for millions of years. The real question is, What's that say about the smart people in our society that remain?


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