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"Automakers ask Trump to roll back fuel efficiency rules"

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  • "Automakers ask Trump to roll back fuel efficiency rules"

    The erasing will soon begin...
    Automakers ask Trump to roll back fuel efficiency rules

    BY DEVIN HENRY - 11/10/16

    An automakers industry group is asking President-elect Donald Trump to roll back fuel efficiency standards issued during the Obama administration.

    In a Thursday letter to Trump’s transition team, the Alliance of Automobile Manufactures asked the incoming Trump administration to “harmonize and adjust” the mileage rules, essentially rolling back the stout standards established by Obama.

    “The combination of low gas prices and the existing fuel efficiency gains from the early years of the program is undercutting consumer willingness to buy the vehicles with more expensive alternative powertrains that are necessary for the sector to comply with the more stringent standards in out-years,” the group wrote.

    A 2012 mandate from the Transportation Department and Environmental Protection Agency directed automakers to increase their fuel efficiency standards to 54.5 miles per gallon.


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    That would be a good thing.
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      When VW can't sell cars here that meet every standard in the whole of Europe and the rest of the world, and the reason they can't is because the USA long since passed the point of diminishing returns regarding gas burned vs. actual pollutants ...
      ... well, the Vegans have been running the Chicken coop long enough.

      Its time to appoint some bureaucrats that think a mobile, free and prosperous People is actually a GOOD thing.

      Time to get ride of all the Enviro-Mental cases, the bastards who have been using the excuse of Perfection or Nothing in all things have to take a hike.

      New cars are unaffordable to most people, that is why the cost of Used Cars has skyrocketed. Time to drain the swamp in the EPA.
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        It would be an opportunity for Trump to show that he means it, hopefully this will be done soon.
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          Would be great, I'm tired of seeing so many manufactures resort to turbocharging their sports cars.
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            It's a start if he does.

            It would also prove absolutely two things. Obama, while thinking he alone could make a difference with executive orders and without Congress, was absolutely wrong. The US political system doesn't recognize the power of a dictator or king. And, two, that Obama's Progressive agenda was not the one the US public wants. It might fly in California and a few other enclaves of Leftists but the country as a whole wants no part of it.


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