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Trump's hair. Did he go gray for his meeting with President Obama?

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  • Trump's hair. Did he go gray for his meeting with President Obama?

    I watched the press conference / photo op with President Obama and President Elect Trump sitting on the couch at the White House.

    The conference seemed chaotic. And maybe it was me, but the clicking of the cameras seemed unusual loud, making it hard to hear either man speak.

    A small detail struck me. I'm used to seeing Trump with blazing orange hair. His hair looked much grayer today. Did he take a cue from former President Clinton who was suspected of changing the shade of his hair to match is audience. Clinton's hair seemed to be grayer the older the audience he was talking to was.

    Trump did look a little more presidential with the grayer hair. Maybe he was taking inspiration from his running mate Governor, soon to be Vice President Pence.
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    Did he go gray for his meeting with President Obama?
    Why not? Obama already has.

    "Why is the Rum gone?"

    -Captain Jack


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      Trump is a salesman. Always has been, because in real estate, salesmanship and showmanship are key.

      The sale has closed. We will see a calmer, quieter version of him now. Not calm and quiet, mind you.
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        I thought the same thing about his hair.


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          Seriously? The nation is still being torn apart by violence and you're all worried about Trump's hair color?

          Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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