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The Press Buries Hillary Clintonís Sins

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    The news media are a great example of capitalism. They are tailoring their news presentations for a particular audience. If you required them to be totally neutral you might be accused of messing with a free market. The viewer gets to choose which side of an issue he wants to watch. Yes, it's a particular viewpoint from the editors and publishers and owners but if you don't want to see it you can choose not to view it or read it.

    I am not for sure how you would get a wholly neutral view of the news. Just say for example: In France today, a person recognized by ISIS as their agent drove a truck down the promenade in Nice and killed 20 people. That is it. You could not say anything else. Or Hillary Clinton is running for President against Donald Trump. Here is how each person would handle this particular issue. AARP just did this in their AARP Bulletin and itís pretty dry reading.

    Once, many long years ago, we watched the national news coverage in 15 minutes on TV and the local news AND weather in the remaining 15 minutes. That would be how the news would be if it was wholly neutral in content. Short and sweet and boring.

    So what do you all want? Editorializing but in equal measure for each person: 10 minutes by the clock FOR a person and 10 minutes by the clock AGAINST a person. Or 10 minutes for the Republican Party viewpoint and 10 minutes for the Democrat Party's viewpoint. Day in and day out. The political consultants would NOT like it one bit.

    I think I like it as is, I get to pick and choose what I want to clutter my mind with.

    Asterick says
    It goes without saying, my respect for these people is about as low as that of a corrupt government bureaucrat. The fact that an institution originally created for actually reporting the facts but instead chooses to adopt and even promote an ideology - any ideology - is beyond disgusting and IMO, poses a real threat to people's freedoms.
    Isn't that the point of our Freedom of the Press amendment, that one can promote any viewpoint and ideology one wants so long as one does not tell an untruth about a person. And then we the people get to choose what we will espouse.
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