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    I recently read an article (in Time magazine of all places, that's saying something) on the extreme partisan politics of late night comedians. I had noticed the same thing. Late night comedy these days requires a political affiliation in order to enjoy. Lefties laugh at The Daily Show and seethe with anger over Red Eye while the right does the same in reverse.

    It seems like comedians these days just don't have the talent that comedians from the older generations had. Guys like Bob Newheart could walk into a room full of people from any part of America and either party and make everyone laugh. That takes some talent and style. But these days, comedy mostly consists of denigrating various parts of American society and you have to belong to the right club where your comedian's limited talent and talking points can flourish. "Look at (insert cultural rival here). Aren't they stupid? Har har."

    Another reason for the road comedy seems to be taking is the fact that many comedians seem to be getting delusions of grandeur. One thing I took away from reading the article is that many of these comedians, particularly on the late night circuit, seem to feel that it is their job to promote some kind of message over simply providing entertainment. In the era of the SJW, many feel that their programs are platforms from which to preach their view of the truth instead of giving everyone in the audience a laughter filled evening.

    Although I have a mild tolerance for partisan comedians, I've noticed that, and I say this as a guy still in his prime, comedy isn't what it used to be. George Burns and Jack Benny, Bob Newheart and the Smothers Brothers all have a place in my library because those guys are not only funny no matter who you vote for, they're funny even when they stopped performing before you were born. But unless you're a radical left 20 something, you probably won't get much out of "Comedy"


    Which is a shame because this country is already turning tribalist in its politics and this only reinforces it.
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    Some are better at poking fun, Left or Right, than others. Colbert was fun to watch in good part because he wasn't heavy handed with his humor. Jon Stewart is slightly less so but still not grating.

    Samantha Bee on the other hand, is ham fisted, obvious, and often obnoxious with her attempts at humor, as is Stephanie Miller on the radio.


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      Lewis Black was terrific when Lil' Bush was in office, but refused to do any comedy at all involving Obama.

      Given the highly charged politics of the media-entertainment complex, this isn't hard to understand.
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        "Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously, and the politicians as a joke, when it used to be vice versa." - Will Rogers
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