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The Clintons and for profit university scams

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  • The Clintons and for profit university scams

    I'm getting the distinct impression that there isn't anything that the Clintons haven't done in the way of criminal scams that anybody else has tried.

    The latest is that Bill Clinton's involvement with Laurel University makes Trump U. look like an amateur joke.

    After Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, Bill Clinton received $17.6 million in payments from a for-profit university. Since that time, another organization with a connection to that university received almost $90 million in grants from an agency that's part of the State Department.

    Critics of the Clintons have cried foul. But is there really something shady going on?

    There is no shortage of connections between the Clintons and Laureate International Universities. Laureate is a for-profit university -- the same kind Hillary Clinton has railed against for saddling students with huge debts.

    Students often say the university is a scam as much as anything. The Clintons made serious bank being part of this university too. In fact, if anything they outdid Trump U. on scamming, once again proving what a pair of dangerous criminals they really are.

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