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Will the Economy save Trump?

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    Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
    Interest rates are near zero on things like CD's, thanks to an anti-economy president.

    Wonder how that will affect our GAL?
    (Great American Liar)

    She's part of that administration and helped ruin the economy.
    Interest rates are near zero because central bankers (generally but not always independent of the executive branch, and Yellen is in the US, as Draghi is supposed to be in the EU) want you to stop buying CDs and put your $s to work in things they believe better improve the economy.

    They've reduced in the US partly because foreigners (you know those nasty critters Trump wants to keep out), having exhausted any possible yield bearing instruments in Japan and the EU (for example, where you actually pay (-0.006%) to borrow from Deutsche Bahn the German Railroad), are flocking to the US to look for any remaining morsels. A side effect is that it pays US corporations to borrow in other currencies and convert the proceeds to $s.

    That's hardly much to do with the current President, merely a reflection on the joys of a frenetically increased and technologically aided pace of globalization, which, barring protectionism and/or wars appears here to stay.

    How will that affect our GUY (Great Useless Yackass)? Well he's already personally ahead in that regard, since the Emperor's New Clothes hanging out to dry on the Trump line are already produced exclusively outside the US, while he prattles on about protecting US jobs. Right.

    The sad fact is that technology is taking- and will continue to at an ever faster pace- work from the lesser skilled and giving it to either lower paid workers who can do the same work overseas or increasingly to machines. Self-driving vehicles will eventually cut huge swathes out of the workforce in the taxi and trucking industries for example. These changes are, barring some systemic failure or conflict, inevitable. If change is gonna happen, and it will one way or another, whether you get a grip on your productivity or try to shoot your way out of it, who best to manage it and the social consequences of these workforce changes?

    The GAL, who has some ideas about extending the Build America Bond program for example (and why buy CDs when you can buy NBB say yielding over 5%, and almost all non-callable). And her tax returns are in the public domain. Has she rallied some clever people around her to help her (family aside)? (I hate to say it but personally I think women make better managers, and men haven't a great track record of avoiding conflict over the last 100 years).

    Or the GUY, whose idea is to build walls to keep the vast unwashed immigrant hordes out of the US labor market, while he sidesteps his own creation by outsourcing the labor overseas and just shipping in the finished products?

    And where's his tax return? Did he forget? Is he intelligent enough to do one? Does he have some things he needs to hide? What kind of people has he gathered to him to help (family aside)?
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