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Support for Trump among Minorities, plus others

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    It's always easy to find a few minorities here and there who support your candidate. The fact of the matter is, Trump has drastically shrunk the Republican party with his divisive rhetoric. He is counting on droves of white Americans turning out to the polls. He's going to be sorely disappointed- perhaps not in his base, but in how many will turn out in opposition of him.
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      Originally posted by Salinator View Post
      You forgot that a lot of those angry white guys sat out the vote because they thought that Romney fumbled the ball.
      I am white, but not angry and I am one of those, however I will not sit out this year I will vote for the A$$hole with a symbolic vote since I despise the other candidate and I will not help her in any way!
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        Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post
        It is always going to sound wrong when you get his words from people that hate him.

        But, if that's what you want to hear-

        This item is even topical regarding the OP of this very thread.
        And BTW; Trump was talking about the intruders that are coming across the border right now, not everyone that even looks Mexican that lives in America these days. I mean, come on!
        But that's how they sell it, and ignore the fact that most illegals have to act as drug mules just to pay the Coyotes off.

        One more thing; that report from 1973 is based on the words of a man that died 2 years ago, so he can't refute this attack (unlike all the women that the Democrat-owned media tried to use to make him look bad, and then they stepped forward to defend him).
        So a disgruntled and deceased ex-employee's words are the sum total of your dislike of Trump?

        Huh... one last thing; are you the same man you were in 1973?
        um Court case Trump lost says he was racist in 73

        I give a pass on the not wanting blacks to handle his money because as you state could just be a mad employee.

        But for me it more what he is saying currently. And his repeated double downing on them.

        btw nice video unfortunately the Hispanics in my family disagree with that video. Were the grandparents of my neices and nephews rapist and murders no.

        I get what your say about what Trump might of been trying to say and actually got it and thought nothing of it. The problem he kept saying it.


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          Originally posted by Salinator View Post
          By that logic, every thing is Donald's fault. You are not even trying to think rational. Just spewing bile.
          Oh come on Sal

          you walked right into that one.

          No it was not Donalds fault but in the game of trashing talking all is fair lol

          btw that is mainly why Trump won a decent trash talker and his completion sucked at it.


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            Originally posted by 101combatvet View Post
            Funny how those same muslims that disapprove of Trump never condemn Islamic terror. So they are part of the problem.
            Are we talking about American citizens? Americans whose religion is Islam? 'Cause as you are so sure in your assertion, I am at least equally sure in this, my assertion, that in questioning random said American Muslims one by one, you would get very tired before you found one that said, "Yes, I approve of Islamic terror."

            In short, your assertion, I say, is something you made up, and simply choose to believe.


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              After Trumps reaction to the DNC...Trumps hopes for victory are low at this point. Trump should focus on winning the debates in a big fashion as well as figuring out a way to attract more non white votes.
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