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    Trump announces $51M fundraising haul for June

    Donald Trump's campaign on Wednesday announced a $51 million fundraising haul for June, a significant improvement that still falls shy of Hillary Clinton's massive fundraising efforts.

    The campaign said it raised almost $20 million directly, with another $6.6 million coming from a joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee (RNC).

    The remaining $25 million which the campaign noted stretched from the last week of May through June came from a committee set up to raise money for the Trump campaign, the RNC and state parties in 11 states.
    That sum came from 22 fundraisers across the country individual donors can write checks for up to $449,400 to contribute the maximum to all of the different committees included.

    The presumptive presidential nominee donated $3.8 million of his own money to the effort, bringing the total to about $55 million, the campaign added.
    The Hill - Full Article

    Good news for Trump after that dismal showing in May, and it should help keep him competitive.

    So, which of the European leaders responded to his call for money? Putin?

    Interesting too is the nearly $4 million of his own money he put in, representing around 7% of his total haul. If we see that number go up next month, then his campaign may be floundering.

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